Valeria stopped abruptly and walked away to the wall of the campus corridor. Feet have become wadded, and dizzy.

- Breathe! Breathe!

Lerka took a deep breath and noisily inhaled the sterilized air of the academy. When the faint state passed, she looked at her ID again. No, this is not a hoax. The panel clearly displayed a message from the Ministry of Health.

Valeria has long been waiting for him, tormented by assumptions about the content. Indeed, so much in her life depends on what will be in this standard notification. If there is just a date there, it means that she was selected! So, she has a very big chance to be among the chosen and happy women of the planet. If there are lines of text, then the path in this direction will be closed for it forever.

Every girl on the planet wants to get an invitation from the Ministry of Health as soon as possible. The names of those who are lucky enough to pass the selection and be realized, they know and admire them. They are jealous.

Lerka with a naughty hand touches the screen and activates the message. Making a sound informing about the activation of an important state message, the ID opens the letter. On the standard for all official communications template, with the symbols of the Ministry clearly visible numbers. From excitement, Valeria cannot immediately disassemble, but then she clearly sees: "05/21/555..11.00" Then she cannot read, since her eyes are filled with tears of joy and happiness.

- Yes! Yes! She missed! She is invited to the procedure!

This, of course, still does not completely guarantee a cloudless and happy future, but the chances are very high. Only two girls from their stream have received such invitations at the moment. The rest, who passed the examination, came refusal. Now you can please the guardians and is fully prepared for the ritual and further role.

From early childhood, boys and girls are prepared for their future life. A very small part initially has a chance to join the elite of the planet. The majority is doomed to be human resources. Right at the time of the birth of children, they are labeled and classified into one category or another according to system analysis.

Those who have the letter "A" are the happiest. They will be provided with the best living conditions, they will live in their childhood with their mother, and not with their guardians. Owners of the letter "B", this is the second grade. There is a chance to get a ticket to the elite part of society, but it is so small that only one out of 10 boys and 1 out of 100 girls manage to pass the final selection. Those who at birth will receive the letter "C" no chance at all. They are doomed to be attendants, the working class. Lerka received the most nasty letter “D”. All the vileness was that representatives of this category were subjected to frequent and very tedious medical procedures. Often they were lost for months in the institutes and laboratories of the Ministry of Health, returning exhausted and exhausted. And the second side of this category was the ghostly hope of receiving an invitation to the procedure. The chance is so miserable that only the most desperate optimists could hope for him. Valeria was one of those. She passionately dreamed of getting this right - to have children.

Most of the girls and boys from her group were with the letter “C” and underwent a sterilization procedure. They can never be moms and dads. They could have sex, but the result of such an action is only pleasure. There were several students possessing the letters "B", but only the boys have so far retained the chance to become fathers. All girls in this category were also sterilized after the exam test. She somehow thought how many of them were left, who still had a chance and got 7 girls from 400 students from her course. And only she is alone with the letter "D". One for the whole academy, one of 3000.

At the end of the 21st century, humanity faced a new threat to it. Overpopulation The number of people on the planet was approaching 15 billion, and the world was plunging into the chaos of wars for resources. The heads of the developed countries decided to reduce the number and control over the birth rate in the whole World. The latest advances in pharmacology and genetic engineering were used. People from third world countries, developing countries, have lower status than elite ones, under the pretext of vaccines against an imaginary deadly virus, drugs intended to inhibit the function of reproductive sex cells in both women and men were sticking to it.

In the first decades, it gave the desired result, and the population began to fall. But already in the third generation it turned out that in developed countries, the population is dying out. Not as fast as in the countries where the program was implemented, but the dynamics are negative. After another 10 years, it became clear to all that humanity is degenerating. It was worse than the virus, more dangerous than natural disasters. It was impossible to win with medical procedures and drugs then, and it is impossible now. The name of this horror that destroys humanity with the speed of the bubonic plague of the Middle Ages is a mutation.

Man-made gene preparations and procedures, self-developed and began to spread throughout the planet uncontrollably and unsystematically. Externally, the mutation is not always manifested. Frequently, genome-prone people died after some time. Even in 10 years, 99% of births had such strong mutations that they died within 3-4 years. Those who were lucky enough to overcome this period, also had mutations, but retaining the ability of the human body to live. And only a very small fraction of people managed to keep their genome unchanged.

Naturally, the world community began to fight this phenomenon. But too late. The human species has degenerated. Entire states and cities disappeared. Mutants though could reproduce offspring, but it had even stronger mutations and in most cases died before birth, the rest died in the first days of their life.

When the threat of degeneration was realized by everyone, the law on Amphimixis was passed, which was popularly called the “Law on castes”. He acted on the territory of the then World and was obligatory for all states. The meaning of the law was set forth in several main tenets.

1st - all must be tested for mutation.

2nd - all those who are “clean” are subject to immediate isolation and maintenance in elite conditions.

3rd - mutants are forbidden to have children, and they are subject to sterilization.

4th - "clean" should ensure the restoration of the population. Their main task - the birth of healthy children.

These measures gave the proper result. Although not without protests and even wars. Many people died, defending their right to have children, on the one hand, and the right to save humanity - on the other.

Mutants were not three-handed or with scales instead of skin. No, they looked like ordinary people. But here inside them existed, very different from the "clean", cells and even organs. Not all mutations killed their carriers. There were those who allowed a person to show beyond ability. For example, there will be people with increased muscular strength. Their myofibrils had greater strength and contraction power. There were those who were not sick at all, since their immune systems had unique properties. Mutants were affected by mental abilities, whose genome changes affected the brain.

Such mutants were subjected to compulsory testing procedures and allowed to fertilize and bear children, if their mutation was deemed useful. There were whole institutions that study and control the mutation.

Lerka was born in the quarantine zone, on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Where the air was the most pure, and the harmful radiation had no such force as on the continents. Mom Valerie was a woman, absolutely pure, and the father was a man with "useful" mutations. After birth, Lerka was tested and the mutation was identified, but could not determine its effect and the degree of danger. She was different from the one that was with her father. For this reason, she was given the letter “D” and sent to ...

continent to a foster family.

Lerka was often called to procedures at various centers and laboratories. She did not know the results, but she guessed that this was due to the fact that her wounds healed quickly. As soon as she cut herself, there was not a trace left in an hour. In laboratories, it was cut and even broke bones, observing and analyzing how the restoration process proceeds.

At first, Lerka opposed this, but when she realized that her future depends on the success of these tests, she began to show patience.

Boys who had letters “A” and “B” could only sympathize. Since they were waiting for great trials and difficulties. Even with a great genotype, the boy did not receive a guarantee to get into the elite caste. Long-term experiments and experiments have shown that even a pure genotype can cause a mutation without proper verification of life experience. And if in women it was shown weakly, then in men, the quality of genetic material directly depended on his life experience. It was men who were activators of mutation processes, it was their genes that determined the sex of the child, his temperament, mental qualities, etc. From the mother, the child passed on features of the physiological processes, internal organs and systems, type and type of the nervous system.

Therefore, in accordance with the law and the additional protocols adopted to it, boys from childhood were subjected to serious physical and mental training and testing. By the age of 16, 80% of them were excluded from the list of candidates for paternity and lost their categories. They were subjected to sterilization and transferred to the category "C". But it was also difficult to envy those who stood the training, whose health and psyche coped with the training and tests, as they were sent to training camps. After passing the final gene test in 18 years, the young man was called up for service. Since there were no centuries of military conflicts on the planet, the service consisted in training and performing tasks with danger to life and limb.

This is the way a man is formed, whose formation of germ cells and the quality of genetic material directly depend on the critical situations that a man has experienced. Adrenaline and other hormones released during stress are factors that strengthen and improve the human genome. The young men were subjected to real torture and terrible trials.

From the stories of the past camp, it was possible to learn that fights with each other before losing consciousness, being in the cold without clothes, electric shocks, shooting with rubber bullets, drowning, etc., was the norm for an ordinary training day. Those who had served had to fight predators, jump from a great height, jump with a parachute, scuba dive among sharks. Instructors thought out the most perverted ways to destroy the bodies and psyche of candidates. For 15 years of such a life, only 1% of young men survived to graduation. The rest either died or were injured, which could not allow them to become fathers. Only 100–130 men were produced every year, and 10–13 thousand were called up again. But even after graduation, the men continued to undergo training and testing, albeit in a softer mode. Their bodies had to maintain their health and their qualities as long as possible.

They lived in comfortable, from an environmental and household point of view, conditions, the state provided them with more than worthy life support, they had all the benefits and privileges possible in this World. Their names and faces were known, they were admired, they were idolized, they dreamed of having a child.

Past camp, apparently frightened everyone who saw them. Faces and bodies are disfigured by scars from sharp objects, fire and bites. All of them were no more than 35, but they looked at 50. In the eyes there was only malice and complete indifference to all norms of morality. Most had significant deviations in the psyche, and sometimes did terrible things. But it was the price for that expensive and urgently needed genetic material.

Survivors were sent to Amphimixis throughout the world, where they transferred their genetic material to women who had passed their softer, but no less scrupulous selection.

Amphimixis is a system for controlling mutations, determining categories, determining and monitoring the development of candidates for motherhood and paternity, the center of fertilization. It was there that women received fertilization and there came men from the camps.

Valeria has already lost count of how many times she has been there. She was called and she was obliged to appear. On her ID, the date and time of reception was highlighted. She was released from class, and the guardians took her to Amphimixis. There she was met and sent to one or another laboratory. Injections, tests, procedures, examinations. Often it hurts, often disgusting, often ashamed. But Lerka raised so that she calmly endured.

Once, when she was 14 years old, one of the procedures became bad, and she was left in the ward for rehabilitation. Recovering and feeling that the forces had returned, Lerka asked to go home, but she was refused, forcing her to stay all day and night under the supervision of doctors. Pretty quickly, Lerka got bored and began to walk around the ward with nothing to do, then she climbed out into the corridor. The on-duty sister barked at her so that she would not get out, but this was enough for an hour. Lerka waited for her sister to leave the post and rushed along the corridor. She did not care where to run, just to get away from her room and boredom. As specifically, at the end of the corridor there was an elevator with open doors. Lerka thought for a while and jumped into him, choosing the number 4 on the panel.

The elevator squeaked, gently closed the doors and drove the girl into the unknown. This scarecrow and at the same time pleased the girl.

- Finally, adventure!

The cabin stopped and opened the doors just as silently. Lerka came out and found herself in a darkened corridor. It was clearly some kind of technical floor. On the doors were the inscriptions: "Technical workshop", "Network", "Server-1". Lerka walked along the corridor with interest and in turn tried to open the doors. But they were all locked on magnetic locks. Suddenly, when Lerka touched one of the doors, she clicked and opened. The "viewing balcony" was written on the door. Lerka cautiously entered and found herself in a long corridor, in which, instead of walls, there were glasses through which the light entered. She came in and realized that the balcony was located on top of some large complex. Downstairs were separated by partitions and a lot of people in white coats.

Lerke was curious, and she began to study the lower space. Everything was in full view. In one of the rooms she saw several women, of different ages, in regular clothes. They sat on the sofas and looked through their IDs, while he wasting time and waiting for something. One of them, very young, probably 18-19 years old, was noticeably worried. She did not watch the news and did not exchange messages on the network. She nervously pulling the chain around her neck and constantly turning her head.

The door to this room opened and a man in a white robe, with a mask on his face, apparently invited them to go behind him. The women quickly got up and followed him. "Nervous" came out last. Lerka decided to follow this group, see what happens next. She was interested in what could so bother the young. Lerke had to walk a little along the corridor along the windows to see that the group had entered another room. There were many lockers and benches. Women began to undress, taking off their clothes. "Nervous" a little hesitating, followed suit. The women undressed completely, putting the clothes in the bags they were given, and put them in the lockers. Lerka noted that the "nervous" shy and covers his body. Other women behaved naturally, indicating that they are not here for the first time.

Then a group of women was sent to the next room, where there were some washing systems. Each woman was washed by two people, in white waterproof coats. First there was a shower. And the water trickles hit very hard, and beat on top, bottom and sides. People ..

in dressing gowns they carried portable devices in their hands, from which they poured some kind of greenish liquid on the washable women. The women turned obediently and followed the instructions of the washers. Although Lurka did not hear any sounds, she guessed that women performed the standard procedure. Apparently the “nervous” was following the instructions slowly and not quite rightly, because one of the washers approached her, and took her hands by turning as the procedure required.

The washing went on for a very long time, the women were treated several times with a greenish mixture, which they then washed off in streams of water. Then they were led further, to another room where the tables stood. Lerka had already seen similar laboratories where she underwent her procedures and tests. She was always embarrassed by the fact that she had to lie in them, with her legs apart, and doctors, including men, could look at her intimate place.

Women settled on the tables, their legs and arms secured in special stops. Then people in white coats turned on something and the stops began to move. As a result, the legs of all the women spread wide and bent at the knees, the pelvis raised. An employee approached each woman, carrying with him some kind of device, from which several tubes stretched to the walls. Lerka watched with interest as white coats smeared women’s crotch and even the anus with something, and then inserted the tubes there. Women calmly and even with a smile reacted to these manipulations. Only the “nervous” apparently completely lost control over her feelings, because Lerka saw her crying. One of the women turned her head and said something with a smile. Others laughed at this remark. Lerka could not hear the words, but she guessed that the woman was simply trying to support the girl, who apparently goes through all these procedures for the first time.

Lerka remembered that she went through this procedure more than once. When, during a test or test, it was necessary to gain access or material from her rectum or vagina, she too had these tubes inserted. She knew that the supply of a disinfectant cleaning solution was about to begin. It is even nice if you do not think about it badly. She liked to feel something pouring into her, and then sucked out, making her clean.

Apparently the procedure began, as the "nervous" made a surprised face, and the women laughed amicably. Lerk was surprised that women, except her ankles, were fastened with ribbons around her waist, shoulders, elbows and wrists. As if they were afraid that they would begin to kick and burst out. Lerka also noted that the lower part of the bodies of women, their priests, were not lying on the table as usual. They were in limbo and women could move them up and down.

When the procedure was over, white coats unplugged the tubes and removed the appliances. And they returned, carrying in their hands something resembling tubes for cream and scapula. They began to squeeze out the tubes and smear with a spatula a transparent gel on the labia and even into their vagina. The women closed their eyes and smiled. It was clear that they are pleased. After applying the gel, white coats brought white boxes, took out the injection equipment. Lerke was given injections many times. There is a click and hiss, the drug is injected into the body, you do not feel anything, only then, a small red spot remains at the point of entry, and sometimes a small bruise.

Injections were made to women in the thighs, abdomen and upper chest. Lerka was surprised by this method, since she was usually shot once at the buttock or shoulder. But even more surprised by the reaction of women. They suddenly perked up, their faces began to express pleasure and joy, they were covered with a blush, and their eyes sparkled. Was not the exception and "nervous." There was no trace of her fright. She, too, though not so openly smiled. Then white dressing gowns approached women with some kind of oblong objects with round tips. They pressed these tips to the female genitals and began to drive them there.

Lerka remembered that once, she was also subjected to a similar test. She remembered how it was pleasant and at the same time embarrassing. The doctor massaged her hole with the same device, which somehow especially vibrated and caused very strong pleasant sensations in her body. She felt hot, especially burning between her legs and wanted something bigger and deeper. At some point, the sensations became so strong that she could not restrain herself and screamed. And then she seemed to dissolve in the air around her.

When she recovered a little, she saw that the doctor was collecting something from her crotch in a jar. When he turned away, she touched herself between her legs and felt that everything was wet and slippery.

Apparently those women are subjected to the same test.

- But why all together?

Women clearly enjoyed it. Moreover, they reacted so actively that Lerka immediately understood why they were so tightly tied up. Even the "nervous" moved the pelvis, trying to help the white coat to carry out the procedure. Lerke even thought she heard their cries of bliss. She was so enthusiastic about watching what was happening below, so much empathy that she experienced excitement. At first, she did not even understand what was wrong with her. But at some point she felt the previously familiar heat and languor inside her and heaviness between her legs. She terribly wanted to be on the couch, too, and spread her legs, exposing her slit under the vibrating device.

White robes removed oblong gadgets, which surprised Lerka. None of the women, in her opinion, did not fully enjoy it. However, she noticed that the petals of their intimate places swelled and enlarged, the doors of their caves opened slightly and a hazy liquid flowed out from there. White bathrobes approached the couches and pressed buttons in the control panel. The legs of the women joined and assumed a horizontal position, and they were carried somewhere. Lerka went along the corridor, continuing to observe what was happening.

- Where are they taken and why?

The women were brought into the large hall, a very long one. In one long wall there were niches with long shelves to which women were brought up, legs first. Lerka saw from above that behind this wall there is exactly the same large and long room, with the same niches, but on the opposite side of the wall and without shelves.

- Why so? Will they be rolled through niches to another hall?

And indeed, the couches with women put the wheels on the runners in the floor and pushed into the niche. Sash openings parted and couches just lay on the shelves. Supports with castors couches folded and women now lay on the shelves. White gowns pressed something on the consoles next to each niche and the couches moved further into the openings. At that moment, when the legs and lower abdomen were in another room, the movement of the couches ceased, and the doors of the niches closed, hugging the bodies of the women. It turned out that half of the body was in this room, and the other - in the next. Lerku was surprised that there was no one in the other room, and why there were such difficulties at all.

White bathrobes still pressed something and moved aside. There was a beep that Lurk even heard. The doors of the adjacent hall opened and naked men entered. Valeria saw completely naked male bodies only online. But even in the network of such bodies you will not find. These were some monsters. The faces are disfigured, the whole body is in terrifying scars. But the bodies themselves were poryty muscle hillocks. And what especially shocked the girl, each of them had a sticking up excited member. Long, thick, swollen, and already shiny with grease heads. Lerka counted 5 men. And the women on the couches were 10

The men immediately went to the women. Lerka noticed that the men carefully peered at the wall and, having shifted to the side, she was surprised to find that on the other side the wall was transparent. That is, men could see women, but they are not. Here are three men gathered near one of the women and began to discuss something. Then the two moved away on different sides and pressed against the wall with their members. Only here Lerka noticed that there were small holes in the wall. It is into these openings of men and inserted their excited ...

members. The woman, in front of which the members were exposed, smiled. Looking at the right and then at the left member, made a movement with his fingers toward the left.

Immediately, the right man took out his dick and walked on to another couch. And the winner of the bride went to the couch. The woman's legs again began to move apart under the action of the mechanism, opening the entrance to the wet vagina of the woman. When the legs spread and locked, and the pelvis raised, the man put his penis to her swollen lips and sharply drove. The woman twitched, but the straps held her tightly and did not allow her to move on the couch. The man actively moved his pelvis, pushing his penis into the woman's vagina, holding her hips with his hands.

Lerka was so fascinated by this sight that she missed the moment how other men also began acts of intercourse. Lerka looked at the couch with the "nervous", but she was still unclaimed. She looked anxiously at the neighbor, who at that moment was actively yarning, and judging by the facial expressions of the woman’s face, she got real pleasure. The woman's body was twitching on the couch to the beat of the man behind the wall.

But one of the men stopped moving his pelvis, stopped, and then pulled the penis out of the woman. The mechanism of the couch again earned by folding the woman's legs together, but leaving them bent at the knees and raised pelvis. Lerka guessed that this was so that the man’s sperm would not leak out and stay as deep as possible in the woman’s body. Then the couch moved back and returned the woman to her room. White robes came up and took the woman to the other wall of the hall, where they left waiting.

At this moment, the released man approached the table in his room, took something from him and began to wipe his dick. Then he washed it in a special sink, and then smeared something else. At the same time, his member did not lose its size and volume at all. He continued to stick up the swollen head. When the man did all the procedures, he returned to the wall with the couches. He walked along and stopped near couches unoccupied by other men and looked through the glass of women.

He was attracted by the "nervous." Since there were no competitors, he did not insert his penis into the hole, but immediately touched a button on the couch. The girl's legs began to move apart and Lerka saw how her face had changed in anticipation. It became tense. The girl firmly squeezed the edges of the couch with her fingers and bit her lips. Lerka sympathized with her, she would also be afraid in her place. But here the legs are spread apart and the girl's hole is framed for a man’s member. Lerke can see how her legs and buttocks are shaking, how they are strained with fear. The man can see the expression on the face of the girl and he does not immediately drive his penis. First, he begins to stroke his head between its swollen petals, then he taps and inserts only the head into his vagina, and then takes it out.

"Nervous" while experiencing these attacks of horror. Of course, all these touches do not hurt her, but waiting for the first contact causes the girl's body to shudder with each touch. Finally, a man has played enough and drives his body into a tender body. "Nervous" twitches and opens his mouth wide. She's probably screaming. Then she starts to cry. And the man does his job by joining a girl in the narrow and hot vagina of a girl. The girl cries and looks up somewhere. But it seems to Lerke that she is looking right at her. She feels sorry for the girl. From the school course, she knows that girls are protected up to the first time by a hymen. It is not removed, since it performs an important function - it prevents infections from getting inside the vagina.

Lerke wants to hug a girl, calm her down, share her suffering with her. But to experience with her the same feelings within yourself. She would now willingly be on the couch and herself would spread her legs for any of these members. If only the longing and heat that rage inside her body quickly passed away. In addition, from the excitement she went juice from her cave, her panties were completely wet. Her body is completely ready for what they are doing to those women below.

From sweet fantasies and observation, she was pulled out by a sharp sound in the corridor. She remembered who she was and where she was. After realizing that she would not be allowed to see anything like that, she ran back to the elevator. Convulsively remembering what her floor was and pressing the button almost at random, she managed to notice a person in a white coat in the opening of the closing elevator doors.

The elevator, fortunately, brought her back. Lerka again sneaked away to her ward. Until the end of her stay in the center, she waited for her to come and punish her for espionage. But everything worked out. Apparently it never occurred to anyone that the little girl might dare to do the same thing.

Valeria did not discuss with anyone what she saw, did not share with anyone. She just began to look for information about what she saw. It was possible to find quite a bit. So she learned that during fertilization a woman who is chosen by several men has the right to choose who fertilizes her in the appearance of his penis. She also learned that if no one chooses a woman three times in a row, she is excluded from the list of candidates for the mother. Each man can have an unlimited number of coituses per session, but not less than five. If he does not meet his minimum, he is sent to retire. One woman can only be fertilized per session. The virgins arrive at the table with an intact chaff. It is forbidden to use painkillers, it is allowed to use neutral lubricants and stimulants to improve the fertilization process. After fertilization, the woman remains on the couch with a raised pelvis for 3 hours, and then a locking plug is inserted into the vagina, which protects the uterus from harmful microorganisms. Women enter the center at the time of the peak of ovulation, information about which comes to the center from the AIDI women's devices. The probability of a positive result of the procedure is 99%.

Four years have passed since that moment, but not a day went by that Lerka would not dream of being on the couch in that room. She often had dreams in which she spread her legs for long and thick limbs, and then she woke up all wet between her legs.

During this time, she was subjected to tests and studies many times. And just recently, she was on the final examination test. The council decided whether the transmission mutation in the next generations was worthy of her body. In order for the test to be positive, Lurka constantly worked on herself. She, along with the boys, trained, fed properly and monitored her safety. Much was thrown on the altar of this victory, many had to sacrifice. But Lerka madly dreamed of becoming a mother.

And today came the answer. She was recognized as one and appointed the date of her first fertilization in Amfimixis. After joy and exultation, fear and excitement came. That which was in dreams and seemed distant, will come tomorrow. Tomorrow, she will pass the path that she observed in childhood from the balcony. All night long she imagined how her legs were moved apart behind a screen in a niche, and the member who chose her slammed into her virgin womb, causing agony. And then another fuck came, and what if no one chooses her? Suddenly, she is not beautiful and not attractive to men? So, in the excitement and agony of waiting, the girl spent half the night until she slept yet.

The most ordinary morning. The guardians are overly friendly and sympathetic. Lerka forgives them, knowing that they are worried and worried about her no less than she herself. Of course, they were not her biological parents, but for her they were always mom and dad. She had never seen a real mother. In accordance with the law, immediately after birth, when a mutation was discovered on the test, she was sent to the center. Little Lerk could not be returned to the mother, it was contrary to the security protocol. And it was taken up by people who loved each other, but could not have children, since both were sterilized.

Father did not even know her mother. Women category "A" ..

it was forbidden to communicate and have any contact with men. If this rule was violated, they were excluded from the program, sterilized and sent to the continent. Only in the center, with the observance of all the rules and norms of the procedure, did women have the opportunity to come into contact with men, and then through the wall impermeable to their eyes.

If the child was born without mutations and pathologies, he was transferred to the mother for upbringing. When the woman was going to the second session, a nurse was assigned to help her, who took care of the child and the pregnant woman. When a woman appeared third, fourth and more children, the nannies became more and more. Mother did not have to deal with domestic issues, she devoted all her time to herself, and communication with children. It was so fabulous that almost all women dreamed of becoming mothers. To live on the island, away from the dirty air and radiation, proper nutrition and constant supervision of doctors, the ability to have children and only deal with them. It is almost paradise.

For preservation of mental health, travels were provided for moms, naturally, with the provision of the highest level of comfort and safety, participation in community programs, creative tasks and physical training. There were also special devices for the realization of sexual desires, without the danger of harming their reproductive health.

Happy absolutely “clean” children were on the islands, along with their mothers. Lucky girls more, they could stay on the islands for life, if their health and data allowed to have children. The boys quickly took to the camps. Every mother who lived 10 years on the island had at least 9 children. After the birth of one child, she was given a big break to restore health, and then again for the procedure. The earth is in dire need of genetically pure humans.

When it was possible to eliminate the danger of extinction of humanity and the rigid rules were no longer necessary, it turned out that this system allows us to create more talented people in each generation than were born before. It was so significant that the order was preserved, paying particular attention to the "positive" mutations. Lerka possessed such a mutation, and therefore, was on a special account. She was allowed to undergo the procedure in order to subsequently monitor the development of this mutation in her children.

She gets to the center along with the guardians, where they wish her luck and leave her. They smile and show with their whole eyes that nothing bad can happen, but Lerka feels that it costs them a lot of effort. She does not want to embellish them even more and therefore plays up to her, although she really wants to get rid of the oversupply of feelings and terrible thoughts.

She passed into the hall. At the check-in counter, she is identified and directed to the elevator. The elevator brings her to the room that she had once seen from above. The same ottomans and sofas, tables and other surroundings. There are already several women in the room who have communicated with each other. One of them turned to Lerke with questions.

- ABOUT! Hello young beauty! What's your name?

- Valeria!

- And I have Trilon. Are you here for the first time?

- Not!

Lerke did not want to communicate with anyone. She looked up and saw the very balcony on which she had once followed the adventures of women downstairs with such interest and excitement. Now, perhaps, someone else is watching her movements.

- True? And you can't say you're already a mom. Or the first time was unsuccessful?

- Not. I haven't had a procedure yet, but this is not the first time I've been here!

A surprise appeared on her face. Apparently she wondered how it could be. But there was no solution in her head and she already wanted to ask Lera how it was, but then the doors opened and people in white coats came in.

Lerka froze.

- Began! It started!

White bathrobes led them along. Lerka followed them on naughty and wadded legs, feeling that she was worried very much.

- Do not crash would faint.

In the other room, white bathrobes called their names and locker numbers and instructed to undress.

Lerka tried to undress quickly, but slowly, so that no one would think that she was afraid and worried. It seemed to her that any mistake on her part could lead to the cancellation of the procedure, with subsequent exclusion from the program.

Undressing, Valeria peeked at the others. Suddenly, in one of those undressing, she recognized a girl from a parallel course. She did not remember, and probably did not even know the name, but now she was glad to have a familiar face. Lera immediately guessed that she was here for the first time too. The fellow student also noticed Lerku and waved a greeting hand. The gesture turned out to be lethargic and it did not feel the joy of meeting. Novo looking girls Lerka saw a request for help. Lerka undressed and folded her clothes in the provided bags. She put the bag in the closet with the number and went to the classmate. They began to communicate in a whisper.

- Hello! How do you feel?

- Hello! I'm sorry, I don't know your name. But I am very glad that someone is familiar here. I heard that you are not here for the first time?

- You can say so. I know what will happen next. My name is Valeria, and you?

- I'm Santa. And what will happen next? I only know that we will be fertilized today. And that the first time it hurts. I'm afraid of pain, to horror.

- Yes. Today we will be substituted for male members, they will enter into us and pour out their sperm.

- How?! Real members? I was told that there would be syringes with ... with material!

- Not! Once upon a time, artificial injection was used, but then it turned out that the effectiveness decreases and the mutation grows. It turned out that when a man can choose, based on his preference and understanding of female beauty, the act turns out to be more productive and with less side effect.

- How do you know?

- I have long been interested in this. It was important to me.

- Oh oh oh! How afraid I am! Are they big?

- Who?

- Well, members?

- I saw different, but they are almost all the same. Some are slightly thicker, others are slightly longer. Well, somewhere on average that's so long.

Valeria showed the visible length of the penis with her hands. Santa widened her eyes and looked incredulously at Lerk.

- And the thickness is about this!

- Can not be! How could you see them?

- Look up! You see, there is a balcony with dark windows. I was there for a long time and looked from above and saw everything.

- Oh, mommies! How did he fit into me so big?

Lerka wanted to talk about the "nervous", but then they were taken to the shower.

The girl was brought into her compartment and turned on the water. The water was warm at first, but gradually the temperature reached such a temperature that it became barely tolerable. The pressure with which water was thrown out of the holes in the shower also increased. White robes from their washing devices treated the body of Lerka. They said something to her, but she didn’t hear well the toli, they silently said the toli, but she couldn’t manage to do exactly what was required. One of them went to her compartment and turned her face to the wall, and with her back to another employee. By the movement of his hands, he forced the girl to spread her legs strongly and bend over, bulging the pelvis backwards. A jet of water hit her in the crotch, getting inside her cave. It was not very pleasant and even painful. But Lerka tolerated, quietly squealing.

But the procedure is over and lead to her couch. Here it is a bed on which everything will happen. The girl climbs on him and lays down as she had seen before. She herself puts her legs on the stops and places the basin so that it is beyond the edge of the couch.

- Move ahead! Still! Still! Feet over here!

Lerka turned her head and saw that it was Santa being laid on the couch. She does not understand what and how to do, and white bathrobes correct her. Other women do everything themselves and correctly.

- What are they all beautiful! What forms, the beauty of the eyes and faces! What breasts!

Valeria compares the bodies of women with her and with fear understands that she loses

Her body just formed. The chest has grown, but it is much smaller than the size, the hips are narrow and she herself looks so small. Even Santa looks more attractive than her. Her breasts are bigger and more beautiful, and such long legs. It's more beautiful than her. And what if they don't choose her ?!

They were taken further, where they started to sanitize. It turns out that they still gave some capsules that had to be swallowed. Only then did their legs spread and began to be treated with antiseptics. The tubules easily entered the body of Lerka. She had already endured this procedure many times and learned not to compress the anus ring before penetration. But Santa, and several other women, apparently not often twitched such a procedure. Lerka heard several screams.

Then Lerka felt the liquid enter her and relaxed, allowing the device to clean her vagina and rectum. Pleasant warmth spreads all over her body, forcing her to forget about fear. At the end of the procedure, she was given injections and smeared with gel. White bathrobes did it as usual and routinely, not at all trying to do it gently, but the girl still felt pleasure.

Response to injections did not have long to wait. Lerka felt heat in the body and aching excitement pressure in the lower abdomen. And when employees began to massage them with vibrators, she could not hold back her moan.

- Oh my God! Oh god Oh god It may not be so cool!

Nearby she heard moans, and even the cries of other women. It was some sort of excited body. Lekra was embarrassed to express her feelings, but other women gave themselves completely to pleasant feelings.

- Do not hold back!

Lerka turned her head to the voice and saw the very woman who questioned her in the first room. Her face was all flushed, she smiled a blissful smile and actively waved her pelvis towards the vibrator.

- Do not be shy fool! The stronger you finish now, the more pleasant it will be there!

Lerka decided to follow the advice and completely surrendered to the procedure. She felt an excitement build up in her body and demand an exit. She was screaming all over when the procedure ended. The girl passionately wanted to continue and was very upset that everything was over. The body was burning, its cave was blazing with a hellish flame, which only the male member could extinguish, penetrating inside and pouring its contents there.

Other women were in the same condition. They were all taken to the very hall that she had seen in her dreams and dreams so many times. It turned out to be even more than it seemed from above. She was taken to a niche that was almost at the very corner. It upset her because it turned out that she would not be the first to choose. Santa was to her right, and to the left, the woman who gave her advice.

- Well, finally, with the edge! Lucky!

- How lucky?

“Because, in the one in the center, they end quickly, then in those who are closer to us, and then only in us.” Do you understand?

- And what's the luck?

- And the fact that the third time man is not in such a hurry! Nayar will be long! Kayfanem!

Lerka understood the idea of ​​a neighbor. And she remembered that the men really ended up pretty quickly with the first woman. But how important is it to her? She did not have time to think out, because the couches began to call in niches.

It seemed to her that the temperature behind the wall was lower, as she felt a chill on her hips and stomach. The folds of the niche converged, closing the gap between her body and the wall. There was a signal. He was really loud, so much so that the girl started.

- Now the door will open there and men will enter the hall.

Memories from childhood are well fixed in the memory of the girl. It even seemed to her that she, with the skin of her legs and abdomen, feels like someone is moving there. Then someone screamed, then another, and another. Lerka turned her head and saw that several women were twitching on the couches and breathing loudly and moaning.

- Began? Started?

This is Santa asking Lerka. There was fear in her voice, but real horror in her eyes.

- Yes! They are already fucked. Now they will reach us.

- Oh! But I do not want! Oh! Oh! Let me out

- Do not worry! Those who refused are excluded from the procedure and excluded from the program! Lie down and be patient! Nothing wrong! Fuck you for about five minutes, finish it! The island is waiting!

Lerka looked at the woman in surprise. She was the one who tried to support Santa.

- I do not want! I do not want!

Lera also wanted to support her fellow student and say that this was true, but then she shut up, staring at the wall. There in the hole appeared a long excited member. For some reason, it was brown in color, glistening and shaking. On the other hand, the dick stuck out even longer, but of normal color and also all shone. From the hole in the head a drop of clear lubricant flowed.

- In, lucky! Choose the one that is thinner, it will not be so torn! Oh, and I would be the one that is thicker!

Lerka was surprised at the freedom of the woman and her openness. She would not be able to advise. Santa was in a stupor, dumbfounded looking at the exposed members. She apparently did not understand how these monsters would be able to enter her bosom without tearing her body to pieces. But somehow she was able to follow the advice of the woman and chose the “dark” one. The members disappeared and Santa immediately began to breathe frequently. Apparently the couch was pushing her legs apart. Suddenly, Santa stretched out like a string and clutched her fingers to the edges of the couch. Her cry was so strong that everyone turned their heads to her.

- They threw a virgin! Nothing, poret a little more, and then everything will stretch and get high! Are you too yet?

Lerka did not want to communicate at this moment. What the hell is she climbing? But something made her answer

- Yes. Another virgin.

- Then do not be stupid, like this fool! Look how tormented! Do not pinch! On the contrary, the legs are stronger than the legs, but the ass is higher, and the knees to him. The couch is customizable. As you like, and put you for a man.

Lerka watched Santa’s body twitch and sway as she cries and cries. Apparently the man got her quite brisk and frisky. Tears flowed down her cheeks, there was an insult in her eyes. Lerke felt sorry for Santa, like that "nervous." But she could not help. But then an employee approached the tortured person and made an injection in his forearm.

- Now feel better!

Indeed, after a few seconds, Santa stopped screaming. Her screams turned into a mournful whining, which then turned into moans. The tears still flowed, but the girl's face relaxed, the martyr's expression and wrinkles disappeared. Her body was still twitching and swaying, but it was no longer so tense and compressed.

- Here's your second tip! Ori is a little louder! Inject an additional dose of the pathogen. It will hurt, but the buzz will help to endure and relax. See how the girl swam!

Indeed, Santa is already quite relaxed and calmed down. She breathed more freely and shouted out completely different moans. She opened her eyes, in which there was no longer horror. There was rather a surprise. Apparently the girl was listening to new sensations in her body.

Lerka was so fascinated by watching her neighbor that she didn’t immediately feel that her couch was working, pushing her legs apart.

- What?! My turn ?! Now?!

She stared at the wall, knowing that the man saw her. She wanted to show with a glance that this was her first time, so that he would be gentle and careful with her.

- Yeah! And got to you! So soon they will credit me! Hold on girl

But Lerka did not hear the neighbor. She seemed to plunge into some kind of dream, into some kind of parallel reality.

- Spread legs, ass up, open, your knees to relax!

She repeated to herself the advice that she knew before and heard today. But then she felt that the man was stroking her legs and belly with his hands. She felt the warmth and roughness of her palms, fingers that touched her skin. The man stroked her, as if she belonged to him and was his property. His fingers walked along her swollen petals, removing grease that had protruded from them, smearing all over her crotch, launching them into her virgin cave, massaging her walls and pressing down on the hymen. And then his finger penetrated her ass.

- What for? Why does he do that?

Lerka jerked and wanted to squeeze his hole, but the man began to massage her finger and she was so pleased that she changed her mind. On the contrary, she relaxed even more and at least was still afraid of the moment when a member enters it, but not so much anymore.

- Has whined, bitch!

Lerka, as if in a fog, heard the snide, but kind remark of a neighbor.

- Come on, come on! Do not be shy! By shout!

Lerka wanted to be the other way around, to shut up, because she was embarrassed by her emotions, but then she felt her entrance to the cave open and something hot and hard entering it. It quickly plunged into her bosom, and the girl did not have time to be frightened, as one fast movement, breaking her hymen, pierced deep into the body. Lerka gasped and bulged eyes. She was surprised. Lerka realized that this member entered her cave, tearing down the hymen, but it happened so quickly and with almost no pain that caused surprise. But for a long time she was not surprised. The member began to leave, and then again rushed to the attack, and Lerka felt like the head of this monster is pushing the walls of its narrow and untouched until that moment, vagina. Then there was another blow, then more, then the movements of the member became even more, faster and stronger. At some point, the member entered so deeply that it began to bump into the uterus, and the eggs of the man began to bump into the anus of the girl.

The member slid easily, there was a lot of lubrication, it flowed from her body like a river. She felt her streams run down the crotch and fall on the anus. The man held her tightly by the hips, pulling them towards each blow of his penis. It was so amazing that Lerka completely forgot about where she was and what she was doing to her. She, through her own moans and screams, heard how Santa, and then her neighbor, also moans and screams nearby. All her thoughts were there, behind the wall. She caught every movement inside herself, every thrust and every touch of a member she evaluated according to the degree of impact on her body. The pain remained, but it went in the background, adding a touch of suffering to the action that was done to it.

Suddenly the hands of the men became very hard, and his fingers squeezed her thighs especially strongly. The member became stony and hard inside her, his movements accelerated and the blows became stronger. Then suddenly he went especially deep, so deep that Lerke thought he had penetrated the uterus itself, and froze. The girl felt like he was pulsing inside, and the hands of a man lose their power.

- Finished! He finished! He poured his sperm into me!

Lerka baldela. She was so delighted at the completion and reacted so strongly to this emotion that she almost did not feel the man come out of her, and the couch moved her legs. When she began to move away from the wall, she looked at herself below. There everything was covered with grease, red marks of male fingers remained on the thighs. She also saw some dark spots. Apparently this is her blood.

Lerka was taken to the wall and left in the pose of waiting. She lay and carefully listened to the sensations that were in her body. She understood that it was impossible to feel how the sperm was flowing inside her, but all the same, she diligently tried to feel it. And she even thought she felt it. Then she washed her crotch, wiping off the remnants of grease and blood. Then they inserted something into the vagina and helped to stand up.

They did not obey her at all. She barely got to the dressing room and changed her clothes. Along with her, other women also changed their clothes, who shared their feelings with each other. Someone liked it, someone was unhappy, and someone boasted that she was so inserted that she immediately finished. Lerka was surprised by these conversations, since she herself believed that the most important thing was that a new person would now grow inside her. Isn't that why she lives?