I'll talk about a very common phenomenon these days. Women's treason and hypocrisy. The thought will not reach everyone who reads, since most have Baborabsky firmware, and even if their wife changes them with their best friend and gives them in the ass, such baborab will always find an excuse for her. It seems to me that not for nothing a couple of years ago, the “Chicken” groups began to close in large quantities, where conscientious guys laid out hypocritical whores — I will describe a typical type a bit later. With the mass laying out of these whores (And it turned out that almost every second of them), they even hooked up the police and publicly closed and banned them. In many cities now there are no such groups; this, you see, contradicts the freedom of another person. And the fact that a person is engaged in prostitution, and many guys are burned with such moral freaks, it's tenth. After the closure of these strongholds of justice (at least some), moral decay became very noticeable. Treason is already and for the dirt is not considered in many men.

Now turn to the description of the type. 95% of women are the same, they are guided by mercenary motives, therefore everything is identical with them, thinking, phrases are sometimes one-on-one, like the logic of actions. Conducting experiments in this area before, I noticed that very many girls have a photo with their beloved, there is a status like “I can't live without you”, on the wall there is necessarily some kind of Romantic crap about loyalty to the guy. But behind the back of a guy a tumultuous life boils about, which the Deer often doesn’t realize because of his stupidity and naivety, as well as the unclear trust in a girl. In the mass of hypocrites and choose the gullible and weak morally guys who ride. If you drop such a correspondence or video of adultery, he will not believe, close his eyes, forgive. And betrayal will be regular behind his back, but the deer sincerely believes that the beloved will change) That she is with him because of the money, does not occur to him. What we have - a photo of a loved one, status, garbage allegiance on the wall. Behind - sucking fucking strangers for 1000 rubles, and even without their photos before the meeting))) In fact, they are ready to suck anyone, they often do not ask for photos before the meeting, checked them personally. The main thing is to suck and get easy money. Imagine a picture - she fucks the brains of a guy, builds himself right, he believes her. But in fact, in the light of the first day of the bills is ready to spread legs to anyone. Dull guys, naivety, or not wanting to believe it knows no bounds.

A simple example - a handsome guy offers sex to a girl in sympathy. She begins to break, build a crown, show off to the skies, I am not like that, you are not my type. It is clear that she is not being offered money. A more terrible offers 3-5 thousand. Here is the frequent and most common price of these crowns. Immediately there is communication without Ponte, transfer numbers, coming to a meeting and giving for mammon. Many of these hypocritical whores are not so stupid, and they often write with fakes, so as not to shine a page. But then some of them are found dead in the woods ... In fact, we have this attitude towards guys - no money, rogue. Nothing to take. There is money - fuck what it looks like, you can bend over, even if you give it in the ass, at least in three. Among the pretty girls of exceptions, I saw very rarely.

There is a mortal war now. Good with evil. And evil wins, as predicted in revelation. Did you know that according to the testimony of the prophets, 95% of women go to hell? (Men are saved more). Why it happens? Men are not so hypocritical, units are sold for money, men are willing to selflessly love, and women are such units. But the worst thing about these whores is that they do not say that I am a whore. Not. In their understanding, they are girls. And the fact that for money gives any counter and cross, the guy is ready to throw for money, sick and lame to kick out, give up his cross in life and sell money - no, she is not a slut. The generation of whores has grown in some 20 years. These whores will never do anything disinterestedly. All they ever have to. All good things will be instantly forgotten, and the bad will be remembered and they will change the guy like a glove. "I sell from a bad life," they often say. So what's next? Why am I not going to trade dope from a bad life? (And others do not go). Do not substitute the ass rich daddy with gay? Any sin can be attributed to difficulties. And Babskii zhlobnost, mercantile spirit and hypocrisy - this is not being. It seems to you.

I watched hundreds, if not thousands of such women. The fact is that 50% of them men know that they are being cheated. They agree with this, and in addition, they only constantly pay for sex. Another 30% are fabulous deer who have long noodles. 20% more or less imputed, and in case of a betrayal, they can throw a hypocrite. I don’t mind if the slut writes on the page directly - I’m a slut who writes the price. But many photos with guys, statuses in love, all sorts of quotes about loyalty. Nowhere is it written that she is a whore, but the way it is. Such a type of whores can not tolerate smart guys - because with such you have to be constantly on the alert, wait for checks. And Deer can hang noodles and have 2-3 lovers. Also conceive of them, and give children as relatives. Example.

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Would load examples of whores, but I think everyone will understand. Even if such a hypocritical person receives from the guy a mandule (he is not personally a supporter of the massacre, he never beat girls, but I do not condemn guys either, he is deafened by treason), he will consider the guy guilty. "You're not a man, if you raised your hand to a girl, even if I cheated on you." You are stupid, and nothing, that perhaps the guy fought for you, risked his health, spent his nerves, money, but these factors are never taken into account for whores. What did you hurt him in the end. He treasured you, and you them - no. You only value your cunt, and you think to whom it would be more expensive to sell. female loyalty is found in 5% of women, not more. Sluts are more frequent accusations - you also cheated. But the whore forgets that she did not pay a man for sex. And with this guy often just for the money. I had the strong feeling that these women had only money in their minds. constantly. who gives them how much constant thought not to miss the sponsor. All this womanish hypocrisy is immediately exposed when looking for money. No one immediately says "you are too young" or "you are not suitable for me." No one says "I have no time", "I have a hamster today ill." Nobody thinks about meeting ... at the last moment.

I think it is not necessary to prove that girls with the philosophy of whores are essentially immoral. Ie they stand as if out of morality. Today I say one thing while they feed, tomorrow another. Naidu richer and more lazy - the third. The most terrible blow for such - when they do not pay for sex. I have not personally tried it, my conscience will not allow me to descend to their level, but I watched and read that then the depressed walk for a week. They did not pay for the pischiku. As agreed. But none of these toads will make the world a better place, only at the expense of others. She does not care that the guys will die for 60 rubles per hour, they will never lower the price. Selfishness and deception are their faithful companions. If you see that the girl begins to justify these whores, whom I described - then she is with 90% probability the same. But as I wrote earlier, whores do not like to write directly "I am a whore" and "Sorry, darling, yesterday gave you in the ass for 4000". In this age of hypocrisy, in most cases women are not ready to do anything for men. More than 60% do not even know how to cook. They believe that for sex and pussy a man should have 1005000 duties. They are like black holes in space, which only take, and can give nothing but sex. Even elemental communication and respect.

Fuh ... guys, I have been writing all this for an hour. Pot pours a stream ... I tried that the article was instructive and interesting. Now it's up to you.