Dear readers in story 38, I will describe to you one more of my sexual adventures. For those who have not read my stories in a few words I will describe myself. My name is Ilona. Now I am 24 years old. And so I am an ordinary girl from Ukraine. Slender, medium height, with dark hair, breasts of the second size. It is quite nice and attractive. And now I begin my story.

I then studied in the second year of economics and was on a winter vacation. That winter was colder than usual, and then in our area, autumn flowed smoothly into winter, which differs little from it. The same dampness and the same rains. I stayed for a week with my grandmother. In winter, there is nothing to do in the village. Housekeeping grandmother kept not much. It coped with it itself. There was no need to work in the garden, especially weeding, which made me the most angry. Walking in the forest for berries and mushrooms is also not necessary. In the winter, discos, if they did, the club premises were not heated and it was so cold that they really didn’t want anything, but only had one thought how to escape from there. Local youth mostly gathered in the bar. Where they had fun for alcohol, and then they went to look for a place where they could have fun with drunk girls.

I do not like to go to this unique bar in the village. I didn’t want to sit in such companies, and besides, there they always drank a lot of smoke. Even if I did not smoke myself, it seemed that I smoked a few cigarettes. Then all the clothes and hair stank. Well, the mole will not eat, even though I found such an excuse for myself. I didn’t have many friends in the village, most were jealous that local guys pay more attention to urban girls, especially if these girls do not mind spending time with good guys.

I am friends with Julia, she lives for three houses from my grandmother. We are of the same age with her, and since childhood we often spend time together. On those holidays we met every day. So I came to visit her, then she looked to me. Mostly we just talked, watched movies together, listened to music, but sometimes we had very hot meetings.

Passed the usual gray day of winter holidays. I always slept almost until dinner. Though my grandmother didn’t like it, that I loved to sit in front of the TV in the evenings, I almost didn’t scold me for it and let me sleep off later, even in summer. I opened my eyes. She stretched under her blanket. It was not the usual quiet. I got out of bed. Threw a blue terry robe over herself. Opened the curtains on the window. Daylight filled the room. It was cloudy, clouds moving slowly across the sky. The trees hesitated easily under the gusts of the wind, as if they were trying to dance and were hesitating from side to side. I admired the winter landscape outside the window. A white snowcover wrapped the earth resting until spring.

I made the bed. I went and did the usual morning procedures. She looked into the grandmother's common room, was not there, went to the kitchen. There was a note written on some election campaign on the table: “Ilona, ​​I went to the store. I will go to Baba Gale. I'll be back after three. Eat pancakes. ” A large plate of pancakes stood on the table covered with a small metal bowl. I put the kettle on. She took out a jar of home-made sour cream from the fridge and sat down to eat breakfast, or have dinner already. Outside, a little snow began to fall. Large snowflakes so beautifully descended and circled. Already the mood has risen, only the whistling kettle made me rise and break away from watching the picture outside the window.

I poured a large mug of mint tea and while he insisted began to eat a second pancake. Liberally lubricating it with sour cream. It was so delicious. Dairy products I always love. I ate two delicious, fresh, flavorful pancakes. More clearly does not fit me. They are about the size of an average frying pan. Sit all the time at home and did not want to watch TV. There was only one way out to go to Julia. Most likely, her parents are also at home so that having fun with her and her younger brother will not work, but at least we will have a chat. With such reflections, I finished the pancake. I decided to take tea and go watch TV a little, and already at around one in the afternoon go to my girlfriend. I was comfortably seated on the couch. Turned on the TV and began to switch channels. It’s good that my grandmother also installed a satellite dish and now there were no problems with receiving the signal.

There was a knock at the door. Just sat down, I thought. Who else has brought. Caroling should not go. Reluctantly I got up and wandered to the veranda. The cold air gripped the body unpleasantly. I began to wrap up in my bathrobe again. The key opened the door. Red-cheeked Julia smiled sweetly at me. She was wearing a light gray down jacket, a hat of approximately the same color, ordinary jeans and boots. Julia is my height, slim, with a beautiful ass, chest almost the third size. With long blond hair.

- Hi friend! What are you doing? - she asked me cheerfully out of her beautiful mouth came streams of steam.

- Hello! Yes, nothing. I drink tea. - I quickly answered and all shuddered. - Come into the house, but it's cold to stand here.

- Have plans for today? - Julia asked and entered the house.

- Yes, from thinking a little box to look, and then to you. - Talking about my plans, I closed the latch door and entered the house too. - Do you want tea with mint?

- I will not refuse. By the way, I was also going to you.

Julia smiled so sweetly to me. I answered the same smile. She took off her top clothes and came to my kitchen. I took a large glass mug from the shelf, threw in a couple of dried mint leaves and poured boiling water on it. From the mug stretched beautiful strings of a pair and rose to the stream. Julia was in a brown blouse, I have almost the same color, but the style is different.

- Pancakes do not want? - I suggested and raised the metal bowl. - And then I barely two ate, but here they are still 9 left. Now grandmother will come and stick that I have not eaten anything. Come help.

- Oh well. One can. - Julia agreed cheerfully and sat down at the table. - And you will not? Come for the company.

- I do not want. I already ate the second. I'll make it even more. I will be fat and not beautiful. And no one wants to fuck me.

- Yes, it does not threaten you. You are so slim by nature. Everyone wants you.

I just giggled at her compliment. She put her plate and filed a fork. Went to the room. Turned off the TV, took her tea and returned to her friend. She ate the pancake so sweetly. From the side it looked very attractive. Julia noticed that I was watching her.

- Something is wrong? She asked and looked at me.

- Yes, eat you. It's like that. - I answered with a smile and sat down on the next stool. - Is it cold outside?

- Some kind of wind. And so the frost is not big. Moments snow pours. - chewing pancake told Julia.

- I have not gone anywhere for the second day.

- Let's go to Natasha. - Julia offered and continued to eat. - She sometimes asks about you. At the same time and walk.

- To her far. Through all the village shove. - I objected and took a few sips of tea, the coolness of mint so nicely spread over the mouth and intestines. - Also the road is not cleaned for sure.

- Yes, this snow is not so much. Let's go air out, and then stay up at home.

- Well I do not know. It did not prevent the head from airing, but now again we will sit half a day in a TV set.

- Yeah. Here and breathe the fresh air. We chat on the road. For a long time we will not be there. - Julia offered and began to eat up the last piece of pancake.

- Ok ... - somehow I reluctantly agreed and finished my tea. - Let's go. I will only write a note to grandma and get dressed.

Julia smiled and nodded in agreement. I found some kind of pen and on the same piece of paper I wrote that I went for a walk with Julia to Natasha. The pen didn’t really want to write on glossy paper, and in places it even turned out that the letters were badly seen. I had to write again, too, only in capital letters. Julia took her tea and we went to my room. Julia sat on a chair and began to drink tea. I opened a big old closet. Doors in it ...

already from the age of a little twisted and opened badly. I didn’t have many winter things here. Mostly summer and that which has already gone out of fashion or in some places got dirty, but in the village at least somewhere else you could wear it. Julia slowly drank tea and watched me. I got a fresh set of linen from the shelf. Black slipa and bodice of such color. She untied and threw her bathrobe on the bed. A slight tremor went through the body. I threw off a gray T-shirt. Light goosebumps ran through the body. Julia did not look away from me. I smiled at her again. I remembered how Martha tried not to look at me when I changed clothes in Poland. Julia, on the contrary, showed her interest in every way.

- Take tights? - I asked quietly and pulled off her panties.

- Oh, I don't even know. I'm in pantyhose. And that morning it was cold, and I was sent to the store for bread. - Julia told and on the machine looked out the window, and then lustfully admired my naked body. - Now it's warmer. Well, as you wish. See for yourself. You're so sexy naked. Everyone here already climbs.

- Okay, I'll take it then. - I decided and started to stretch fresh panties looked at Julia, our eyes met. - And what got into your head?

- Kiss you. - sharply blurted out her friend and gasped. - Although it may.

- Kiss can and can, but no longer need now, otherwise we will not get out. And the grandmother will come back.

- Well, yes, we had enough last time.

- Yeah! - I agreed and giggled.

Julia finished her tea and put the mug on the table. I in one shorts approached the girlfriend. She immediately hugged me. She began to drive her warm hands lightly on the back. My body immediately responded to her caresses. I flinched slightly. She took a deep breath. I lightly stroked her shoulders. We just looked at each other. In our views there was so much lust. I already walked and wandered. Now I was not against our caresses and even more. A slight heat went through the body. Nipples began to swell. Puss, too, reminded of itself. Our heads began to slowly converge, breathing quickened. Here our lips gently touched. I felt my girlfriend's hot breath. She pulled me closer to her. My nipples rested on her blouse. Sponges gently slid. A slight tremor went through the body. We kissed tenderly. Turning our heads from side to side. The sponges were so pleasant to rub, and our tongues were already launched into their dance, which tried to penetrate from the mouth into the mouth and passionately rub.

Excitement gradually increased. Pussy and clit clearly wanted more attention. I already ran my hand under the girlfriend's blouse and caressed her slim body. With one hand she was massaging my chest, and with the second she began to try to caress my back and squeeze my ass. I deviated and broke the kiss. Swallowed saliva. Our sponges were wet, the panties were also slightly soaked.

- Enough Yule! And then we are definitely not going anywhere. - I breathed hard and tried to escape from her arms.

- Okay. - she reluctantly agreed and let me go. - Come on then get dressed faster. And then I'll change my mind.

Julia playfully slapped me on the pope. I giggled in response and twisted my ass in front of her. Quickly dressed bodice. She took out bodily pantyhose for 40 den, wore blue socks with cats. A little bit childish. I remembered how, together with Julia, we wanted to make her cat's hair, and she scratched us so much. I already smiled to myself. She took out black jeans. Warm blue sweater under the neck. Wore it all on herself straightened hair. Julia was still watching me. I went to the mirror. Comb, looked and smiled to herself. I had no particular desire, I just powdered and put lipstick on my lipstick. I smacked my reflection in the mirror, and I heard Julia laugh behind her back.

- darling beauty? - She asked and tried to stroke me on the pope.

- Yul stop fooling around. And then we are definitely not going anywhere. - I muttered discontentedly and turned to her. - Lipstick straighten, and then smeared, as they kissed.

- Good.

Julia leaned toward the mirror, and I began to collect my purse. I threw a phone and a wallet there, and the rest of the most unobtrusive there was lying. Julia has already put herself in order and was a cutie, as always. We went out into the corridor. I wore warm boots, a brown jacket and a hat. Once again straightened her hair. I found the keys to the house, checked if there was anything left, or my grandmother always scolded me for that. We went outside. The cold winter air touched our faces, and so the cold was not felt. I started fiddling with the lock. It was so unpleasant to touch the cold metal of the lock with my hands. Wore gloves. Kay-how I managed to close the door.

We went on the road. There was no sidewalk here and everyone walked as it was. In the winter they did not rush on motorcycles and scooters, and one could go more calmly. During the day, only a few cars drove by. We started a conversation on a common theme. That about the weather, then about the holidays, then about the lake and how much it froze. No pedestrians were visible. Our conversation attracted dogs and some of them started barking loudly at us. Frosty wind blew in the face. Julia blushed again, probably I had the same look. It was difficult to walk. On the road in some places met unpleasant porridge. Although this is not a bad warm-up for the legs, I thought, like some kind of simulator. But then the snow is so white and white, not like in the city. Where he was in places black, gray, yellow, and even some shades. Smoke puffed out of the houses, but he rubbed them in at once.

We have traveled so much of the way. In the distance, a company of three guys appeared. They also discussed something violently. It was noticeable how waving their arms. Immediately did not particularly recognize them and did not pay attention. So they went to the meeting quietly talking about his. The noisy company of guys was getting closer. I tried to examine them from afar to find out who they were, but I did not succeed. We were getting closer. Their dark figures could already be recognized. The distance between us was already about 15 meters.

- Hello girls! - shouted one of the guys. - Where are you going?

- Hello! Go to Natasha. - She shouted back to them and leaned over to me softly said in my ear. - This is my classmate Vadim, and those two of his friends are Andrey and Nazar.

- Come better with us! - shouted toli Andrew, toli Nazar. - We are going to Gray. He has no one. We walk all together. Girls won't hurt us.

- We have our own plans. - answered Julia and waved her hand.

We have almost reached each other. I could now look at the guys in more detail. All were of medium height with a difference of a couple of centimeters. Jackets for them were almost the same. The people in the caps didn’t throw a special eye into the eyes, only one was more round.

- Julia meet your girlfriend. - addressed Yulka Vadim and looked at me so appreciatively.

- Vadim! Why didn't you know Ilona? - With such surprise, she looked at him, then at me. - Wow! Went through what?

- Ilona! Hello! Yes exactly! - began to peer intently at my face Vadim. - two years have not seen you. You become even better. The girl, that is necessary.

- Hi boys. - I greeted, smiled and tried to remember this Vadim too.

- This is my cousin Nazar, and you know Andrei. - Vadim introduced his friends to us.

We all said hello. Andrew, I knew. Sometimes indulged in the lake. He tried to teach me how to swim, but he failed. Although he was good at pawing me during such lessons. Something with him somehow did not reach. And so he is slim, pumped up. With blond short hair. And Nazar is smaller than their height, but not much. Such a rounded head, plump cheeks. Vadim was hanging out with Julia still, as they were at school, but she said that they had nothing. Well, just kissed. Sometimes he went to his house to play on the computer with her brother. Vadim is also of medium height, slim with dark hair like mine. The nose is just somehow so bent. They carried a little cigarette smoke ...

and beer. Obviously the guys have already celebrated something. And now they were going somewhere in search of adventure.

- Go with us. Have fun. - Andrei offered us nicely and tried to look at us. “I haven't seen you for a long time.” You have become so beautiful.

- Yes, stop us so much praise. - Yulka growled with displeasure and pulled my hand to go on. - We already have our own plans, and you have yours. So go where they were going. Send Ilonka. What is there to stand with them.

- Well, you and the female logic. Praise you angry, call out angry. - with such discontent and some surprise in his voice said Vadim. - In a bummer to you with a normal boy walk? Plans for customized.

- Yes, why are you sold. Plans, sometimes, can be changed. - Julia said playfully once and stopped pulling me. - Can it really be with them for a walk?

“Well, I don’t know ...” I said somehow, drawlingly and looked at the guys.

- Let's. So everyone will be more fun. Dilute our men's company. - Nazar got into the conversation and somehow added in a gallant style. - Let me invite you to spend some time in our company.

I already giggled from such treatment. Usually the guys in the village did not say that, but this film has been seen to be revised. Although there was an original appeal. I noticed that Julia was looking at me. I just smiled and shrugged. I somehow didn’t really want to go for a walk with them, although Natashka would just have just talked for a couple of hours and that's it. We were standing in the middle of the road. Trampled in one place. A little snow began to fall again, he fell beautifully on the ground and spun before his eyes during a gust of wind on his face and eyes. Moments had even blinks.

- Well, so you go with us? - Vadim again asked us, switching a sight between us.

- Come on? - Julia asked and looked at me.

I somehow could not make a final decision, but noticed such pleading looks of the guys. I already felt a little sorry for them. With all their appearance they showed that they were ready to fall to our feet, but pride did not allow. In principle, the village is here and at any time it will be possible to go back, I thought. She looked at Julia, she was so flushed from the cold. Already become more beautiful. She would have kissed her red cheeks.

- Okay! Let's go. - I agreed and waved her hand.

- Immediately so, and then mumble like small. - Andrey said cheerfully.

The guys obviously perked up. Already their faces became more cheerful. Now we are noisy company moved to Sergey. The guys tried to tell some stories, they were not always funny. But Julia and I giggled at them. Began to remember who and how spent the recent holidays. Here we said that the three of us were celebrating, but clearly did not tell us that we had such a hot night and the next day. We turned into a small street. There was only a thin path there. Everyone did not want to go in deep snow. It turned out that we broke up into pairs. Julia walked with Vadim, and after them immediately went Nazar. And Andrey and I followed them. I approximately knew where Sergey lives, but he never was.

Andrei began to recall his swimming lessons. I just smiled sweetly and giggled. I remembered how angry he was that I could not swim to him. Although he stood in 10 meters from me. I really did not really try. Here they showed us Sergey's house. I thought he lives next door. The house itself is not big. Traditional for our locality. A veranda, a wooden house not yet bricked up with lime, but whitewashed. It seemed like a winter disguise, and from far away in places everything merged with a white blanket of snow.

- Almost arrived. - said Andrey and showed me to the house. - Do you want to swim again in the summer?

- Summer will be seen. - I answered and smiled broadly at him.

He just sighed and just smiled back at me. We entered the courtyard. A dog came out of the shed from the booth and started barking loudly at us, trying to break the chain and get to us. Apparently he heard the dog barking. Sergei immediately opened the door and met the whole company at the door. He is taller than average. He was already somewhere under 25. Such a massive guy. With rough features. A bit plump. With noticeable bald spots, although he always cut his hair almost naked. He was wearing some old T-shirt and cheap sweatpants.

- I already thought you were gone. And so you also led the girls. - Sergey was delighted with our appearance. - let's come in, otherwise we haven't stoked it today.

The guys started to say hello. I caught some lustful looks on myself. The house is not big just two rooms. As if the big general, small bedroom. All the furniture is mostly old. Sideboards with plates. Two sofas. There were faded wallpapers on the walls from Soviet times, old military photos hung in large frames. Although everything was relatively clean. A round table stood in the middle of the room, on it lay sliced ​​bread, open stew, some sausage, jars of homemade salads, canned cucumbers and tomatoes. There was a large bottle of moonshine, the old 100 g glasses, plates were not only forks lay. Well, nothing much modest all for the male company. We are all undressed. In the uneven tread of my shoes a lot of snow crammed. I straightened my hair and looked at myself in the mirror in the cupboard. Without a jacket in the room it was really cool. There were several stools and two chairs with a back at the table.

The guys started to sit down. I somehow did not particularly want to sit at such a table and just stood. Sergey began to pour the moonshine into cups. Immediately, there was a characteristic smell in the air. How do they drink this stuff, I thought. They took all the seats. I didn’t have a network either. In the words of Sergey, I understood that they no longer had chairs.

- Sit down in my arms. - proposed Andrew and patted his knees.

- And so it will be convenient for you? - I asked, uncertainly, and examined all the guys present.

- Yes, do not be afraid sit down. - Andrew insisted.

- Sit down! Sit down - said Sergey in a slightly rough voice and handed a glass of moonshine to me to Andrew. - He is a strong guy. What kind of man is that girl would not stand it.

Everyone laughed. And then they offered to drink for the ladies present. I walked over the cold floor and tried to sit on my lap to Andrew. He pressed me to his left hand just above the abdomen. I sat sideways and my legs were on the left side, and my ass was somewhere in the region of his groin. Everyone quickly drank this crap. Julia also drank a little. I just brought it to my lips, and the smelly smell of the liquid immediately hit my nose. I tried not to breathe and just wetted my lips a little. The guys said it went well. Where this stuff could go. Only on some medical tinctures. I tried to hold the glass and only thought where to pour this stinking crap.

The guys began to discuss the recent fight in a local bar. I understood that Sergey and Vadim were its participants. I never really understood these rural conflicts when the guys from one village tried to chase the same guys from the neighboring villages. And sometimes it came to fights. Well at least most of them ended only with broken noses and bruises. And this time, he so emotionally told how he beat someone and showed it with gestures. Accompanying strong words on the attitude to the opponent. It was really funny to listen. They all laughed together.

I felt how Andrey's hand began to lightly stroke my leg, climb under my jacket and stroke my tummy. I tried to hold it, but as soon as I let go, he started to paw me again. A slight tremor went through the body. I looked at the guys, they listened with interest to Sergey and almost did not look in my direction, Julia sat on a stool and put the stew on her bread and all that was snacking. I took myself a cucumber from a jar and chewed too. I especially did not want to eat. I'm home a pancake ate well. The guys started drinking again. Well, they didn’t really bother me, so I brought a glass of smelly liquid to my lips and so ...

frowned as if I tried to drink it. Julia that did a couple of sips. Although they are here in the village more accustomed to this. They all put this stuff on the table, and I got used to better drinks.

Under the influence of alcohol it became more and more noisy. They spoke louder and louder, they looked quite funny from the outside as the guys tried to talk about their heroism, while others laughed at them and accused them of lying. It was not even cold anymore, Andrey's hands were increasingly on my hips, trying to get under my jacket. I did not really resist his caresses, only felt the moments as his cock moved in his pants. It was somehow funny, although it was not so convenient to sit on his lap for a long time. I wanted to get up and stretch my legs.

We drank once again. Andrei took a tomato, what would eat. But as soon as he tried to bite him, he began to flow in his hands, most of them got on his jeans, something got on my jacket and jeans. I already jumped up. Everyone laughed at us. I looked at him with displeasure.

- Andrew! Be careful! - I shouted and tried to wipe the remnants of a tomato off my jeans.

- Well, I'm not on purpose. - Andrew objected to me with such annoyance under the general laughter. - You just got a little bit, and I have all my jeans wet.

- So take off. Let dry. Hang to the group they dry there faster. It is still not cold. - Sergey suggested and showed his hand to the wall.

- And what should I sit in my underwear? - Andrew retorted and angrily twisted under the general laughter.

- And what's wrong with that. Better than walking in the wet pants on the street. - added Vadim and so smiled. - Do you have dry jeans?

I didn’t particularly feel them, and through the tights under them I didn’t really feel how much he wetted me. From and managed it to take this the biggest tomato. It was noticeable, as Andrei looked askance at all. He clearly did not want to undress. I touched more and myself. In one place it was even very wet. I somehow grimaced myself. The guys started to tell different jokes now on the topic of food. That who where fell or dripped. Though I was angry, I also laughed. Traces of tomato were still on the floor and chair. Once again I felt, well, wet. I looked up and saw that Vadim was looking at me like that. She also wants me to get undressed.

- Wet? - He repeated his question.

I somehow grimaced and nodded my head. He looked at me, then standing in some confusion Andrew. Julia looked at me too. On jeans it was well noticeable this stain.

- Well, undress together. We sat together. Together and without pants will stay. - fun offered us Vadim. - It's all yours. We will not watch.

- Why are you impatient? - in a rude voice said Sergey.

- Yes idiots would be silent. - Andrew complained angrily and angrily looked at his friends and somehow with the blame in my direction.

Here began a verbal skirmish between the guys. They talked a little about each other in different, not very good words. It even seemed to me that they would not only call names like this, but could go on to a fight. But somehow, Andrew realized that it would be more convenient not to imagine taking off and bringing his pants in order.

- Good! - Andryusha displeased agreed and waved his hand. - So be off. And you take the company.

There was a pause again. All calmed down. In general, I was not so wet. It was completely dried up on me, Andrew was not lucky much more. But now everyone is staring at me. It seemed to me that everyone was eating the same way. Even Julia and she somehow playfully looked at me, to her something. She already saw me today without clothes. Sits so pleased. If I start to object, they will again stumble and still will fight. Drunk already visibly hit the young guys in the head. Although, what is so terrible here? There are also tights, Andrei has already departed and reluctantly began to take off his jeans. Now the people looked, then at me, then at him. Shivering passed through the body. In reality, even it became hot from this situation. There was a slight excitement that I now find myself in tights and shorts in front of the company.

“Why is the beauty frozen?” - Sergey's rude voice led me out of my thoughts. - Give it like a man. Take off your clothes. Everything will be fine.

The others also cheered. Even Julia and she inserted a few of her words. I got so much attention. I even wanted to get away from them. But I don’t know myself what I was just standing and trying to look somewhere on the floor, although I already saw how Andrey was fiddling with his jeans in some black shorts. Julia even got up and approached me. From her a little bore the smell of moonshine.

- Let's please the guys. You will be a little without them. You get used to that. - whispered in my ear girlfriend.

- Good. I will take it off, but then let Julia take it off. - I said and made a disgruntled face.

- I!!! - Julia shouted and so frowned. - I'm not wet.

- Oh super! Take off both. - Sergey was delighted with my proposal.

- Yes, let's do it. - shouted to us Andrew and left his jeans. - And then I alone sit like that. And with you it will be more fun.

Now it was clear that we will not be left behind until we take off our jeans. They even drank for it. Andrei sat down on his chair, wiped it a little with his hand. There was a knoll under his shorts, it was noticeable that he was a little excited. I with Julia exchanged an angry glance. According to the plan, the type was played out. I took a deep breath and began to unbutton the button, then the zipper, the jeans sat tightly and did not fall. I slowly began to push them. The audience livened up. In my direction flew compliments. Let not always cultural. A wave of excitement passed through the body and responded with pleasant warmth at the bottom of the tummy. Andrew was sitting right next to him and he could clearly see my legs, covered with nylon pantyhose. Puss bit out its juices, nipples swollen. I tried not to get excited, I did not succeed.

Julia still glanced at me in disgust, but she also looked at me. I lowered jeans to my knees. Andrew lightly stroked me on the pope. But I looked at him with displeasure, and he took a hand. I first released one and then the second leg. The people again quite said about my legs. We decided for it and drink. I went and put my jeans to Andreev. Julia stood like a shy. I would undress, persuade me, and she builds a shy girl out of a whore. Now almost did not look at me. All stuck to her friend. She was visibly flushed. there was a desire to approach her and pull her pants off herself, but decided not to interfere. It was noticeable that she herself was ready to do it. Noticed that Andrew is looking at me. Our eyes met. He waved at me and patted his bare hairy legs. I did not really want to sit down with him, but I went to the table.

- Yul! Let's shoot! - I cheered girlfriend and twisted her booty. - See, I'm already without them.

- Yes. Here is an example from a friend. - Nazar added and patting Sergey on the shoulder. - She has some sexy legs. It would be on paw. Show us yours.

Julia threw a displeased look at me, but began to unbutton her jeans. I sat on the hands of Andrew. He immediately hugged me, his hand now easily slid on the pantyhose. I just took a deep breath. His fingers touched the crotch and the edges of his panties. I felt like a member began to rest me in the ass. Julia has already lowered her jeans to her knees. She wore black pantyhose, under which bright panties stood out noticeably. Now the guys cheered her up. She fiddled a bit and took them off completely. She was even more red. Excitement, excitement and some fears obviously overwhelmed her. Julia put her jeans on the sofa.

- Give the cutie to my lap as Ilona sit down. - Sergey ordered her.

- Or maybe to me? - playfully suggested Vadim.

But Seryozha looked at him so much that he decided not to argue with him. Julia took a deep breath and went to see Sergey. I think that she, too, was already well-aroused, like me. Andrey began to caress me more and more openly. I did not resist. Nipples so nicely rested against the cups of the bodice, through the body ..

heat excitement was easily rolled out. He already stroked my tummy and tried to get to the edge of pantyhose. On the other side, Nazar moved closer to me and also began stroking my leg. And Julia took up Sergei and Vadim. I did not resist. I only breathed deeply and felt how my pussy began to moisten. Hot hands of guys caressed my legs, tried to get under my jacket. I myself began to stroke the guys. A member of Andrew so nice rested me in the ass. I wanted to touch it with my hand, to feel it in myself. Andrew began to raise his blouse to the top. I already raised my hands reflexively.

He pulled it off me and threw it on the sofa. A slight tremor went through the body. He threw my hair aside and began to gently caress my neck. I felt his hot breath. Julia was already without her jacket too. Sergey pulled her breasts out of the cups and seemed to be massaging them so much from the side. I saw Vadim’s hands badly. I was getting more and more. Panties were already completely wet. Andrey undid my bodice. I didn’t even expect it, but I let it go. Nipples broke free. They were immediately the hands of the guys, they gently twisted them. A slight moan broke from my mouth. Andrei kissed my neck and ear again. I already closed my eyes. I noticed that Vadim got up and started fiddling with his pants, and the stone member Andrew was already resting on my ass. Nazar spread my legs and wanted to push the crotch through them.

- Do not tear it. - I was indignant and tried to stop his hand. - Better take off once interfere.

- So even better. - Nazar happily agreed and so smiled at me.

I have risen. Sergey and Vadim were already without pants. The contours of their members were noticeable. Julia lightly stroked them, and they intensely squeezed her ass, chest, trying to get to the crotch. Julia moaned slightly. I myself began to take off tights. Gently lowered them to the knees, then removed from the right leg with socks. Then it was easier to pull off the left. All with a bodice threw on the sofa. I stayed only in panties. Andrew immediately pressed to me from behind. His already standing member rested on his ass. I shuddered again, Nazar's fingers walked over my panties.

“Oh, how wet you got there.” - he said quietly and began to tick me there.

At the same time, I felt, as Andrew’s fingers were in the same place. He slightly raised his fingers climbed under the gum of my shorts, and he gently pulled them down. I did not resist. They fell to their knees. I just moved they fell to the floor. I just walked out of them. I was completely naked now. I looked in the direction of Julia, she had already pulled down the pants of the guys and the standing members were clearly visible. I already licked my lips. It seemed that Sergei member should be more, but it turned out that the more puny Vadim and a half centimeters tool was longer for sure. They also began to undress her friend. I unbuckled Nazar’s belt, then began to fiddle with a button. Hands trembled a little. Nazar himself helped and quickly got rid of his pants and threw them to my clothes on the sofa.

Julia has already begun to suck guys. She stood on her knees, and from the table I only saw her head, which rhythmically moved on Sergey's penis, and with her hand she nadrachila Vadim trunk. I started all over again with excitement. Her pussy was all wet, her nipples became hard. I did not understand where was whose hand.

- Maybe they went to the couch. - Nazar suggested and gently caressed my clit. - There and the rug is not so cold will be.

- Come on. - I agreed and tried to look at my friend.

- Yeah. We will sit down, and you will feed us. - Andrei whispered in my ear.

The guys themselves got rid of clothes to the waist. Only not from above, but from the bottom. It's fun too. Strip to the waist. They sat down on the sofa. I knelt on the old trodden rug. Their erect organs were already fully prepared for combat use. I lightly stroked their hands. Played with testicles. They started to bend so nicely. Their members turned out to be almost the same length in the region of 15 centimeters, only Andrei's member was obviously thicker and with a big head, it was not for nothing that he rested so pleasantly on my butt as I sat on it. I did not see what Julia was doing there, only I heard the characteristic sounds of the blowjob and the compliments of her partners well. I gently conducted a member of Andrew, then also a member of Nazar. They gently stroked my head, played with my hair, I threw it back to the other side.

Loaded in the mouth member of Andrew. Held on all the length. Touched a little tongue with a tongue, then repeated it with another stake. They were becoming more solid. I rhythmically sucked, then one member, then switched to another. They pulsed so nicely in the mouth. Lightly tried to swallow them completely. They easily fit there, slightly resting on the throat. Well, that managed to swallow saliva during the change of members, the guys even instinctively waved at me to the meeting trying to fuck my lustful little mouth. I flowed more and more, droplets of grease and coiled, dripping on the old mat.

- What a working mouth. - Nazar groaned and tried to squeeze my head, so I put my nose on his groin. - I still have not sucked. Immediately visible urban slut.

- Well, let me also do it. - Andrei pulled me to his side.

I just released a member of Nazar from the embrace of my hot lips. Saliva stretched its threads, I really did not have time to swallow, and she poured out of my mouth. I tried to swallow everything as quickly as possible. Now about the tongue nicely rubbed a member of Andrew. He was throbbing in his mouth. I let him in one cheek. Hand tried to somehow caress the other member, but to do everything at the same time was not so easy. I wanted to run my hand between the legs and caress the clitoris. The room filled with the sounds of blowjob and fucking in the mouth. Only sometimes, it was louder with me, and sometimes with Yulka. From these sounds, goosebumps ran through the body.

I continued to suck Andrew, lightly stroked my hair and snuffled so nicely. Nazar rose began to settle behind me. His hands lay on my ass and began to squeeze her. I seemed even more arched. He spread my legs a little wider. Began to stretch my ass. He ran his hands over the crotch, it was already so wet. I would have moaned, but the cock sliding in my mouth muffled all my sounds. His fingers began to rub my grease on the pope, play a little with the ring of the anus. My holes already pulsed a little, in time with Andrey's stone trunk. I played so cute tongue with his head. It seemed to me that he would end on several movements of my tongue. I felt something run down my ass. Apparently Nazar spat on her. His head leaned against my ass. He began to press. I froze for a moment. The priest still resisted his penetration, but he increased the pressure and began to smoothly sink into my gut. Slight pain, like a blow of current, swept through the body, but quickly subsided. I wanted to shout, but there were some not clear sounds.

- Oh shit! How good it is. - Nazar already shouted and continued to smoothly plunge into me. - I can not so long.

- I already too. - groaned Andrew and straightened my hair.

The guys began to sway a little harder, and I myself was already nearing the pinnacle of pleasure. I slipped my right hand into my crotch and began to gently massage the clitoris. I did not really understand what sounds came from. This is my so squishy or Yulka. Who snuffled and grunted. Waves of euphoria rolled through the body. It seemed to me that I pressed my clit with all my might. I was swinging from the bumps of guys. A member of the priest rubbed tightly against my gut. I was all shuddering. I wanted to swallow, but failed. Saliva from her mouth began to flow and drip on Andrew and drain on his penis. It was hard to breathe. Then he pulled me to his penis tense and hit me in the throat with a powerful jet of sperm. Behind her the second. The whole mouth was immediately filled with his hot seed. No matter how hard I tried, I could not swallow it all. He let go of my head. I tried to swallow the contents of the mouth. In .

the stomach began to flow tart liquid. Flowed through his beard dripped somewhere on his legs and on the sofa. But here, Nazar began to peck out my ass all the more sweepingly.

Now I groaned as I could. She took deep breaths. In front of my lips was limp member Andrew. It made such a large drop of sperm. I opened my mouth wide and so with a tongue I stretched the entire length of his penis, collecting from him the remnants of sperm and my drool. Fingers were again in the crotch and began to play with a pea clitoris. I bent, somehow groaned. All shuddered. Fell his head on Andrei's legs, Nazar continued to hold me by the waist. He fucked me harder, his balls hitting my body. I was all under the power of a great orgasm. Already closed her eyes and swayed already in time with the guy's pushes, the holes throbbed so pleasantly, her breasts hesitated. Here and he pressed against someone else, and his hot semen began to fill my gut. It became somehow hot. But everything that happened seemed far away. I already forgot that a number of still fucked in two holes at the same time Julia.

Some kind of wind passed over the back. Nazar fiddled behind, somehow holding me, otherwise I would have fallen on the mat long ago. I felt Andrew flinch. There were some steps. I opened my eyes, but I couldn’t turn my head normally, I had to get up and it wasn’t possible to move normally. Nazar came out of me and rose. Andrei tried to raise me. Only then did I see two men in the doorway. I immediately somehow did not understand where they came from. They were dressed looking at us. Something said and showed us. Sergey stood and tried to explain something to them. I somehow began to rebound. I began to understand their words. Rose, but I still swayed from side to side. From the ass on the legs began to drain semen. Nazar began to dress. Andrei continued to support me. Father Sergei, I learned. He was called a piston in the village, sometimes these rural nicknames were quite funny, or, as they used to say in the street. As far as I knew through the shape of his bald head.

- What are you organized for fucking off! He shouted at the guys and waved his arms. - I allowed you to sit until I was gone, and not the chicks lead.

- Well, we wanted to sit. This Vadim with Andrew led them. - Sergey was making excuses.

- Come on, get everything out of here! - Ivan shouted to us, he is a piston.

I began to look with my eyes where my clothes lay. Andrei let me go and began to dress himself. In some places on the face there was still sperm, it flowed out of the ass when it moved and ran down the legs. I could already stand by myself. Thoughts are confused. I still could not quickly assemble. Seen how men look at us. How to evaluate our forms. Julia tried to hide behind. I already reached for my panties.

- Chicks, and nobody let you go. - I heard the drunk voice of Ivan. - What Step will try. Can you still babe fuck?

- Yes, there is still a strong one. He is worth it. - Stepan answered him and pointed to an impressive knoll on his pants.

I already all shuddered. Get dressed quickly I can not. I can not escape either, on the street there is a cold where I’ll run away naked. Things were scattered around the room. The guys have already dressed and started to leave. Only Sergey tried to explain something else to his father. For which he earned his neck and went to dress with the others. A slight fear passed over the body. Julia stood naked on the other side and tried to cover her beautiful breasts and shaved crotch. my heart beat faster. Blood pulsed in his temples. Where to run, what to do. I even drew on the bottle standing on the table.

Men began to undress. Sergey is very similar to his father. The same large, even the shape of the skull they are the same. Common features. Big callused hands rushed into his eyes. I just realized that they were noticeably drunk. They did not move confidently. She heard the door slam. That damn guys called, could have stood up for us. And not thrown here with these two men. Stepan is smaller than his friend, with partly gray hair. In a shirt on a plow, his hairy chest was visible. Some pants are not clear color.

- Beautiful girls we got. - Stepan looked at us evaluatingly and sat down at the table, began to pour the remnants of moonshine into glasses. - Come ka here.

He beckoned to standing Julia, but she did not move and tried not to look at him. If I were dressed, then they just ran away with the guys, I thought. On the leg again flowed sperm. Ivan approached me. From it carried cigarettes and the same moonshine. I already grimaced at his breath.

- So scary? - apparently noticed my grimace asked Ivan. - That do not be afraid, I gently fuck you.

“Cigarettes just stink.” - I said in a trembling voice and felt my throat dry.

- Be patient a little. - Ivan took a glass from the table and drank it down to the bottom in one gulp. - Che Step let's start? What time to pull.

- I do not pull. Came his hoarse voice.

I just took a deep breath. I looked at Julia. He already pawed her chest and crotch. She somehow arched, also apparently thinking how to escape from here. The rough skin of my hand touched my bottom. I looked at Ivan and immediately looked away to the side. The room gradually began to darken. He pulled me to him. I felt how his standing member rested against my tummy. Hands hurt squeezed ass. He leaned over and wanted to kiss me. In the nose and hit the smell of alcohol and cigarettes. I already all grimaced. He apparently understood that I was disgusted. He threw a displeased glance at me, but said nothing. Somehow only shook his head. Mostly the sperm began to dry out. It was somehow not nice to move. I wanted to take a deep breath, but this smell. I never like smokers. And I do not smoke myself.

Julia has already begun to lay on another sofa. Ivan pulled me and sat on the couch. I plopped next. Only sperm from the priests flowed on him. His rough hand squeezed my chest. Squeezed nipples. It was somehow not very nice. Julia has already started moaning. The sofa creaked rhythmically. The room grew darker. Ivan himself took off his pants along with his underpants. He was already a member, he was not long, but so weighty. Twisted with veins, the head is long and so elongated. Maybe it is why they call it a piston, but my thoughts flashed through my head. I already started.

- What do you like? - He asked me, I just look at him, but said nothing. - I know you bitches. Everybody likes him. By the look I see what you already want.

I thought he would make me suck now. He pulled my legs and I fell back onto the sofa. He bent at the knees and spread my legs. Julia was already moaning so loudly. A slight tremor went through the body. His massive body hung over his head. I tried not to breathe and held my breath, but I did not succeed. He slapped me on the chest several times. She swayed from his blow.

- Good milking. So nice to the touch. - I turned my head to the side again, and the smell of moonshine and cigarettes was clearly not for me. - Well, chick. Now planted.

I already closed my eyes. I heard only the moans of Yulka and the creak of the sofa. His big head buried my pussy. It was wet enough. He immediately entered me. I already bent. She screamed and clutched at the sofa. My vagina tightly wrapped his plump cock. I was so full. Ivan began to sway. I did not try, but the moans themselves broke from my mouth.

- Winked bitch. And from already get high. - swaying even more pronounced Ivan and moved his big hand on my chest. - How are you there is narrow and wet. Oh yeah.

I didn't say anything. I just heard my pussy squish. Julia moaned loudly, I do not know tried not to show that moan, but it turned out by itself. Our bodies began to spank. He tried harder to drive his piston. He somehow fell out of me, but immediately abruptly again plunged into my wet hole. She so at the same time smacked. He rubbed so tightly against the walls of the vagina. Kie something mixed feelings spread through the body. Humiliation, arousal, ...

enjoyment. It turned out a new cocktail of sensations. The moments I caught myself on an instinctive podmahivanie. I tried not to do this, but again I could not control myself. I felt that I could not bear such pressure. I was breathing deeper.

The room was already completely dark. Julia already groaned loudly, but the sofa continued to creak. Finished, I thought. I did not have to wait long. I bent all over and got my orgasm too. It became somehow easier. It was as if I fell into a light trance. Now just continuing to fuck my dick and the ripple of my holes. I didn't even understand I moaned or not. Neither wanted to think about anything. He swayed harder. I grabbed the sofa. Another orgasm seized my body. I was trembling like it was in the cold. It seemed to me that I seemed to fly and fall through with the sofa.

He told me something again. Crushed my chest. Made some compliments. I closed my eyes again and was at the mercy of my orgasm. He stepped up the pace, but now a member more often a hundred fall out of me. I was so squishy, ​​although I did not feel that I was flowing like that. It seemed to me that he was getting me to the uterus. A wave of orgasm swept through the body. I already completely relaxed. Only moaning from his pushes. He turned his hand to my head. Say something to me. I did not hear him. It was noticeable that he was sweating all over. I got a few slaps in the face, but I didn’t look at him like that. His trunk somehow jumped out of me. It was noticeable that he was tired. I never moved under him. I did not hear Julia, or they subsided, or so my orgasms affected me.

Ivan gradually began to tire. I heard him breathing deeply, but I didn’t learn how to finish him. He already stopped for a while. A member and pulsed in my vagina. That again began to peck me. But it became somehow more difficult. He hung over his head. Member often fell out, then came back. I already wanted him to cum quickly and leave me. And his cock continued to squelch so loudly in me. He no longer immediately began to fall into my hole, poked there in the crotch. The member again filled me. Podomnoy already had a whole puddle of my discharge and sperm from the priests. I just breathed deeply and moaned quietly. It seemed to me that I could finish with him again.

Here the member fell out of me again. He began to poke them trying to get into the hole, but could not, got somewhere in the crotch, then on the stomach. And then I felt like a jet of hot sperm hit me and flew almost to the breasts, then the second, then the third. She began to spread my belly. To drain from the breasts. Ivan calmed down and fell down beside me. He was so hot and sweaty. I turned a little to the side and wanted to stand, but he pressed me with his hand.

- Lie down with me baby. - quietly said in my ear Ivan. - I'll rest now and continue.

He lay and breathing deeply. Julia, I now also did not hear. In the dark room, little was visible. There is no street lighting in the village. The night was not lunar. Now I could only hear the wind blowing through the window. Sperm so spread over my body. I just turned on my side, and she poured from me onto the sofa. Well at least it all is not poured into me. Though I was lucky here, I thought. I straightened my hair. He mumbled something else quietly. On the face and legs the sperm is already dry. I was wondering how much time already. He calmed down and fell asleep. I heard Ivan snoring loudly. I almost giggled. It turned out to hold back. I slowly took his hand off me. Got out and put her on the couch. He continued to snore, as if nothing had happened. I already smiled. Cum dripping over me. Took on the finger and tried. What a bitter. Already wrinkled.

I wanted to turn on the light and find my clothes. On a table from a handbag, I took out wet wipes and began to wipe myself. Face, crotch, legs, chest belly. Straightened hair. They also stuck together in places. Somehow wiped off what I could. The second couple snuffled. Julia fell asleep with Stepan. I found and put on my panties, pantyhose. Leaf never saw. Oh and good. Came up to Julia. She lay and slept on her back. His hand embraced her in the chest, one of her legs hung and was almost on the floor. I admired my girlfriend for a minute. Although only the common features of her figure were visible. I took his hand lightly. Stepan only slightly twitched. Her whole crotch was in semen. I'm more fortunate here. My holes pleasantly reminded me again.

- Yul. Get up - I whispered in her ear and pulled her shoulder. “Get out of here while they sleep.” Otherwise they won't let us go here until morning.

Julia opened. Eyes apparently did not understand where she sleeps. And just looked in the darkness of the room I began to slowly rise. I handed her the napkins. She began to dry herself. She was also silently dressed. We tried not to make noise. They even stepped carefully so that the floor would not creak. Jackets and shoes were quietly dressed. Went outside. Winter air immediately hit in the face. Shivering passed through the body. It became even easier. I took some snow and rubbed my face. Frowned slightly at the droplets of cold water. It became good. We silently went on the road. Only snow creaked when walking. There was no one on the street.

- Well, how did you go for a walk? - I asked sarcastically and looked at Julia.

- I did not know that it would be so. And managed to meet us. - Julia answered sadly and straightened her hair. - From would go out 5 minutes earlier and there would be nothing.

- What happened. That happened. - I said and took a deep breath of the cold winter air. - They ended up in you? Give pills?

- Yes, I goats. If there is come on. And that was not enough for the fly. Just nothing to drink. Come run to me at the same time and wash your face. - Julia offered and took me by the arm. - And then your grandmother is at home and notice more. But my still sitting at the TV. How many times have you finished?

- Okay, let's go. - I agreed and began to count their orgasms. - One with the guys and three with these, he could not finish for a long time. And you?

- I'm just guys. And then again, and the second remained a little more.

Then we walked in silence. Only in my head a recent adventure scrolled. On the body there were traces of sperm, and the holes reminded of themselves.

I hope you enjoyed my story. I will be glad to your wishes, comments and comments.