Standing in the doorway, she looked at her, as many times before. Cold stainless steel, black lacquer, silky leather, chromed cuffs. She was beautiful, a work of art. Cruel, cold, awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring. The car dominated the room space as it dominated its thoughts. She beckoned with a promise of painful happiness, thoughts about which caused a shiver.

The car was Katerina’s own creation, a product of her dark fantasies. She began to work on it in the last course of Massachusetts Technology. It took seven years to complete, a lot of effort and all the engineering talent she had.

This monster originated from its self-bondage hobby, it got stronger and grew due to its desire to constantly push the limits of its capabilities, both intellectual and physical. Self-bondage is difficult to translate into Russian, perhaps, the closest clumsy analogue will sound like self-slavery. This hobby is aimed at eliminating the BDSM famine from potential sex slaves. And this hunger constantly undermined Katya. She developed many ways to plunge into the world of slavery and submission far from prying eyes. Invented new methods of temporary binding, created cars for automatic flogging, sex machines, but this device became her masterpiece.

Looking at the car, resting in the center of the private room of pain in the refurbished guest bedroom, she wondered what the infested demon made her build such. She never planned to use this device. Thousands of times she explained to herself that this is just an experiment, an attempt to reach the limit of her engineering capabilities. But in my heart I suspected it was something more. The unimaginably dark purpose of the car made her shudder, but the fact of her presence in the house caused periodically covering waves of lust.

Kate used her game room only once since the car was finished. At that time, she was tightly bound, lying on the floor, and suddenly felt a strange, unpleasant feeling of the presence of others. The car looked at her, looked and called. That night before going to bed, she locked the dungeon door with a key. The irrational feeling of fear whispered that the creation of her hands had come to life. Since then, she stopped hundreds of times in front of the car, but never stayed in the room for a long time. And each time it seemed to her that the steel device beckons her, mocks and teases, promising to satisfy all her fantasies of submission and submission. She understood that it was foolish to animate a piece of metal, but, no matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to get rid of the obsession.

Katerina’s hand, standing on the threshold of the room, wandered over her breasts, caressing and pinching her nipples through a T-shirt and a bra. Closing her eyes, she lowered her shorts, letting the soft cotton slip on her slim legs and fall to the floor. Fingers confidently found the target through soaked panties, causing a quiet sob. Soon, the pleasure grew into a loud crescendo, and before an orgasm, her foggy gaze fell on a beautiful car, hypnotizing it with its cold brilliance.

Katerina's world exploded with a million flaming stars, her knees buckled and she, in ecstasy, fell to the floor. Her hands continued to work furiously, and she finished again and again. Consciousness melted and floated to a state of almost unbearable bliss. The pleasure was so intense that she did not notice her screams and did not realize that she was writhing on the floor at the base of the car. Finally, Katie's consciousness plunged into darkness. After a couple of seconds, she slowly swam out of oblivion and felt nausea rising in her throat. This feeling was not caused by masturbation, and then soaked with golden curls scattered on the brilliant surface of this monster. She could not understand how it was possible to get so excited, looking at this terrible car.

“That's enough,” she said. "Next weekend you'll get out of my house!"

"God," flashed through my mind, "now I'm talking to her."

Next weekend, her vacation began, so Katya decided to get rid of the dangerous temptation. The machine that was created seven years should be destroyed in a couple of days. She decided to disassemble the device and throw it out of the house and out of her head. She will be able to return to her “normal” life. Thinking about it, she did not contain an ironic and sad smile. No normal person would have thought to build one.

The next week was calm. Katerina worked in a large company engaged in pharmaceuticals and the development of medical equipment. Katya loved her work and was pleased to realize that the fruits of her labor are saving the lives of patients all over the world. Plus, the work gave access to the materials that she used for her small home projects. Katya did not communicate very closely with her colleagues, but still occasionally went on dates, and at some point paid attention to Robert, a chemist from the research and development department. She liked him, sex with him was good enough, although there was nothing like her BDSM experiments between them. Somehow at the beginning she started talking about her love for BDSM and submission, but it quickly became clear that it was definitely not his, he simply did not have the right qualities to dominate someone. She reluctantly gave up, and their sex remained simple and unsophisticated, and her BDSM sessions remained the theater of one actor. And since their meetings remained rare and irregular, her hobby did not stop anything.

The last week, all the days of Katerina were very busy, trying to have time to do as much as possible before the holidays, she worked without respite. But nights were a problem. Her dreams were filled with visions of a monster car, silently waiting in the twilight of the game room. In her dreams, the car appeared to be a cold, ironic host, deciding its fate as easily as the choice of dishes for dinner. The owner completely controlled her whole life, turning it into a living toy. Many times during the night she woke up from fright alone, yet still feeling the familiar fire scorching the crotch. These dreams frightened her, but when she woke up she fiercely masturbated on the cold from the sweat sheets, because the bubbling excitement would not let fall asleep.

Finally, Friday night came, and Katerina hurried home to enjoy the well-deserved rest and finally get rid of the thing that had been pursuing her for so long. As soon as the front door closed, mixed feelings came over her. On the one hand, she would be happy to get rid of the torment that the car delivered to her. On the other hand, she felt like a traitor, intending to destroy the creation, which had become a part of her and of which she was herself.

Throwing aside these strange thoughts, she decided to celebrate the start of the vacation with a salad bought by the road and a relaxing hot shower. No doubt after that she will feel better and calmer. While she ate a new thought, one could begin to disassemble the car as soon as the decision was made. Why did she wait so long? Does she really want to get rid of her? Of course he wants! Everything! Now for sure, I'll start right after a shower.

Turning on the shower, Katerina took off her work suit and looked at herself in the mirror. Long blond hair scattered over her shoulders, sensually reflecting the bright light of the lamps. Not very big breasts, defiantly stuck up and did not show the slightest hint of sagging. The little buttons of the gently pink nipples looked fervently upward. Sharpened waist turned into narrow hips. She considered herself too thin, jealous of girls who have a little more appetizing roundness.

What she always liked about herself was the tubercle of the pubis. At the bottom of her flat taut belly, a completely bald mound stood out in sculpture. Subjected to intensive laser therapy, he completely lost his hair. It was one of the few signs that gave out the bottom. She always believed that bald pubis looks defenseless and somehow slavish. Starting a pubic laser hair removal, she could not stop. And although her body hair is almost ...

it was not, she decided to completely remove all that was from the neck and below. For a couple of months, she embodied this desire into reality, and her long legs with silky skin became evidence of this.

Kate got up under the elastic streams of water and allowed them to wash off the tension of the last working day, tired of the long trip home and all the hints of the internal conflict that she experienced. Tight jets massaged a tired body, relaxing muscles, calming nerves. For a few minutes she basked in the foam of the shower gel, then soaped her rich golden hair with fragrant shampoo. When she awoke, she remembered that it was already evening, and she still had an important business scheduled for today. With regret, she turned off the water, dried off, shook her hair with a towel and wrapped the second around the chest. In the bedroom, Katerina threw off the towels and changed into her home-made denim shorts and old T-shirt.

Grabbing tools from the garage, she confidently headed for her home dungeon. As soon as the lock clicked and the door swung open, her resolve suddenly evaporated. Shocked by such sudden mood swings, Katya put the tool box on the floor and looked at the owner of this place. Peering at steel and skin, she felt that there was a duel in the room, a war of her will having spoiled the will of the monster. As if she was facing a wild predator and looking away means certain death. Of course she did not go crazy. She understood that all this was just a game of the mind, but the awareness of this fact did not diminish the reality of sensations.

Suddenly, Katya felt too clothed in the presence of her host. As under hypnosis, the hand reached for the button of the shorts. Battle lost! Tears filled his eyes, shorts fell to the floor. Stepping over them, she slowly pulled off her T-shirt and threw it to her shorts. She stood in front of the car and plain cotton panties were her last line of defense. Slowly she let them down her smooth thighs, and they were on the floor in the company of the rest of the clothes.

As if in a fog, Katerina came out of the playroom and returned to the bedroom, opened the linen drawer of the dresser and took out a new pair of white stockings. She opened the package and ran a silk cloth over her arm, feeling goose bumps running down her skin.

“What the fuck am I doing?” She asked, looking at her reflection in the dresser's mirror. “Stop!”

Kate sat on the edge of the bed and gently folded put on the first stocking, then rolled on the second leg. Lacy gum stopped in one and a half inches below the crotch. As if in a trance, she took from the closet a pair of white shoes on six-inch heels. Returning to the bed, she put on her shoes and fastened the thin straps on her slender ankles. As soon as she got up her legs magically transformed into a piece of art carved out of ivory.

Feeling how between her legs begins to moisten, she looked into the growth mirror and she liked what was reflected in it.

“Well, no hurry where. I will start work later when I relax and calm down. ” She urged herself.

Feeling the lust growing with every minute, she again went to the bathroom, swaying her hips seductively. Taking a hairdryer and a comb, she turned her curls into a golden lion's mane, satisfied with the result she began to make up, foundation, black eyeliner, a layer of mascara, coal eyeshadow and bright scarlet lipstick. She looked at the screaming reflection of lust in the mirror and experienced pride in the result. Her juices were already running down the inner thigh, going up to the elastic band stockings.

“God, what I'm doing,” she said out loud.

And although the rational part of her consciousness still struggled for control over her body, the fire blazing in the vagina made this fight hopeless. The fire raged, and nothing but a natural disaster could stop the course of events. Still deceiving herself, Katerina mentally told herself that now she would stop, return to the playroom and disassemble the car. Throwing a last look in the mirror, she turned off the light.

Kate went down, staggering on shaking, because of her heels and half-excitement of consciousness, legs. The void inside her grew with every step, as did her lust. Finally, after a time that seemed like an eternity, she reached the door to her dungeon. She caught her breath as soon as the car came into view. She saw her a million times, she developed it, created and assembled every inch of it. But now, standing before her, she was in awe of her creation. Feeling at the same time horror and interest, she thought that probably a similar slave should have a similar feeling in the possession of the new owner. Of course she is not going to fall into any slavery, especially to an inanimate object, no matter how beautiful and erotic he is.

The walls of the room were covered with mirrors, so that she could see herself from all angles, admiring the image she had created. Falling to her knees, she put her hands behind her back, putting her breasts forward with nipples aching with excitement. Glancing down, she saw her home clothes on the floor and the thought flashed through her mind that it was time to put an end to this madness and do the work she was about to do. The frayed droplet gathered on the swollen, quivering labia, and at that moment as she fell off and went flying, the excitement overwhelmed her mind.

“Oh my God!” She wailed in a trembling voice.

And falling on all fours crawled to his master.

"Master? Where did this come from? How did a piece of metal become my master? Maybe I'm going crazy?

Maybe all this is a horrible hallucination? Maybe I'm already crazy? "

Questions continued to swarm in her head even when she crawled to the base of the car. Reaching out, she began to gently iron the lacquered surfaces, the shiny chrome and the sturdy skin. Losing the remnants of consciousness, she began to kiss the surface of the car. She caressed, licked, sucked, kissed the body of her master. Gradually, she advanced to the ultimate goal of her journey to a huge dildo mounted in the middle of a kind of saddle. The saddle had a black lacquered surface and was rather a casing for the mechanisms hidden under it.

Mounted on top of the dildo had an inhuman shape and size. It is rather difficult to describe it, it was not like anything. When looking at his intricate, sharp forms, thoughts of some creepy insects or hellish demons covered with horns and scales came to mind. I hit a decent size both in height and in width. A wide pointed head evoked thoughts about a fishing hook, having got on that unfortunate victim is no longer able to free himself. The barrel under the head was barrel-shaped and looked like a segmented body of a worm or a millipede.

At the base is a metal detail of an intricate form, a bit like a cup-shaped guard of a rapier. Garda is designed to protect the hand of the swordsman. The base of the eerie member protected the internal parts of the machine from being flooded with vaginal juices, since, according to the creator’s idea, the victim implanted on this nightmarish member will flow for a long time and abundantly.

Reaching the top, Katya covered the demonic dildo with kisses. After some time, she stood up and put her shin in the right holder, mounted parallel to the ground on the side of the saddle. Feeling no dismay as the car was turned off, she slung her left leg over the saddle. The shape of the saddle made her slightly spread her legs and when the left knee touched the smooth surface of the second holder she felt how the sharp tip of a huge artificial member tickled the crotch slightly spreading the labia.

“God,” she moaned loudly. Even this light touch drove her crazy.

Reaching down, Katerina fastened a leather belt attached to the right knee pad, firmly fixing her right leg. With trembling hands, she repeated the operation with her left leg, ensuring that now she could not go anywhere until the straps were unbuttoned. Swinging back and forth ...

she teased herself with the head of a monster between her legs. She had already been in this position before, in one of the many tests that she conducted while collecting the car. But never, after the build was completed. She always wondered how to be here, to stand in this position, because as soon as the car turns on, it will become a threat to her, a real threat.

These thoughts got her even stronger!

The switch was located on the body, in front of the saddle. She stroked it scattered, thinking about how close the danger was, how close she had come to the edge. Just a flick of a switch, just a click and that's it. Danger, arousal.

Close, very close. She pressed a little on the switch. Very close!

Katya jumped in surprise when the car suddenly came to life. Unwind engines, on-board computer went to boot. Beats of the pulse responded loudly in her skull box, she desperately struggled to regain her breath.

“Everything is fine, calm down. Nothing happens if you don't do anything else. It just turned on the power, that's all, nothing terrible. You're fine, ”she urged herself.

And still it was so close, so close. So exciting, so dangerous.

The shin-holders were arranged so that they could freely disperse to the sides, allowing the rider's knees to slide apart as widely as physically possible. At the moment they were fixed. The button releasing them was right behind the power switch. As soon as the knee pads are released, the rider will have to use the muscles on the inside of the thighs to reduce or spread his legs, allowing the body to rise or fall.

Katya tapped her fingernails on the switch, trying to imagine what it was like to try to hold her knees together, protecting her narrow hole from being pierced by a massive invader.

She will cope, she is confident.

She is young and strong, that she should hold out for an hour.

Can she? Of course. Is it worth trying? Does she really want this?

Well, of course, she can do it for sure, but if not, then ...

Rejecting the thoughts of defeat, Katya reached for a small container on the left side. From the container she took out a bottle with a thick muddy liquid and a large, flesh-colored dildo with a scrotum. Opening the bottle, she smeared the base of the dildo. After that, she removed the vial and inserted the dildo into the slot on a high vertical stand in front of the car exactly opposite her face. Practically losing control over shaking hands, she pulled a bottle of baby oil from the container and squeezed a little on each breast. Rubbing oil, she felt fireworks from a thousand sparks piercing her body and the epicenter of each explosion was her over-excited, hypersensitive nipples. A low moan of pure lust came from the lips.

After finishing with the oil, Katerina reached to the base of the saddle and felt 4 clips with attached cables going inside the car. There were two clips on each side of the saddle. Taking the first clamp, Katya pulled it out from under the saddle, the spring-loaded cable slightly pulled the clamp back. Opening the clamp, she carefully attached it to the left sexual lip, spread on the head of an artificial member. Grimacing in pain, she reached for the next clip. Having finished with the clips Katerina listened to the unpleasant sensations in the strained sexual lips. Unpleasant, but not fatal.

Katya was close to a fainting state, her pulse pounded in her temples, her breathing turned into short nerve sighs, and the insides in her stomach were knotted. She is so close! Can she? Does she want? She has already gone so far. It is almost there already, it has almost passed the point of no return. Should she stop or should she continue? Will she dare? She is so close! Very close! She again began to play with the trigger button. Just a small push, elastic resistance, you can push a little more.

Suddenly, Katyna's knees lost support and their legs parted to the side, a monster lurking in ambush attacked her defenseless hole. He pushed wide open the labia and plunged one and a half inches into his body. Katerina screamed in shock and pain when suddenly she was impaled on this giant. She convulsively knelt with all her strength. As soon as the knee-pads are released from the clamp, the machine goes into combat mode and the thought of it intensifies the panic.

It remains to do only one thing in order to fully surrender to the power of the machine for the next 60 minutes. The only thing that will remain under her control after this is how wide her legs are spread apart and how much she will be impaled on a giant penis. Such was the concept of the machine, it was programmed to keep the rider under control for an hour, the endurance and willpower of the rider would have to decide his fate.

Katya put her hands on the casing. Having transferred a part of weight to them, she brought her knees together and the dildo slowly came out of it, only the tip still tickled the entrance to the vagina. Unfortunately, she forgot about the oil left in her hands, her palms slid along the smooth surface, her arms parted to the side and the member again plunged into its moist depths. Kneeing her knees together again, Katya tried to undo the clips on her lips and to unbutton her legs. At that moment it was the only way to salvation, since, having turned on, the car could no longer be stopped.

At that moment, as she reached for the buckle of the strap holding the right leg, vibrations started inside the dildo. Katya gasped in surprise, although she knew that this was going to happen. For a moment, having lost concentration, she planted more deeply on the vibrating member. Trying to get up, she found that she could fuck herself a little straining and relaxing her thigh muscles. Inspired by this process and catching the rhythm, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror wall.

“God what a slut I am!” - the words sounded completely natural. “Dirty whore, who else?” The picture reflected by the mirror spurred arousal. Stayed last step! So close! Very close! The mirror transmitted the image of pure lust. So erotic! So sensually and yet so gone! Only one last step is missing! So close! Very close!

Katya put her hands behind her back. Joining her palms into the lock, she leaned forward as far as she could, and lifting her arms up, she snapped them into two leather loops located one above the other on a vertical pillar behind her back. So close! Very close! Katerina realized that she was crying again. While her brain shouted: “Take out your hands! Come to your senses! ”: - she straightened her back, threading her hands deeper. Tears rolled down their cheeks, loops began to drag on. At first, she felt her wrists touching together, tightened by the lower loop, then the upper loop brought her elbows together, and as a result her forearms were tied together. She heard and felt two consecutive clicks determine her fate for the next 60 minutes.

“Nooooo,” she screamed, realizing what she had done. What for? How could she be such a fool? How did she let it go that far? Everything is too late now. Her fate is sealed! In a panic, she lost control and could not keep her knees in place. Spreading the walls of the vagina member quickly brought her to life, and she abruptly cramped her legs. Breathing hard, Katya tried to calm down and think about the situation. Tugging on her bonds, she made sure that it was useless to try to escape, the car was well designed and perfectly built. In the next hour, she will be very busy, so you have to postpone all their affairs. In this hopeless struggle, she again lost her concentration and once again planted on the dildo. The pain between her legs signaled that she had updated her record and the member entered deeper than before. At the same time, the vibrations of the dildo moved to a new level, having significantly increased and changed the rhythm. Caught unawares, Katya threw back her head in ecstasy, and her gaze fell again to the reflection in the mirror.

Everything! The puzzle came together, now the picture was complete ...

Slave in the mirror erotic writhing on a giant dildo partially immersed in it. Tightly tied behind the back of his hands forced, rubbed with oil breast rise high, and they boldly stuck swollen nipples. The sight turned out to be too exciting for Katya, and she deliberately spread her legs a little wider, ramming her hole even deeper.

This simple action launched the next phase of the program. Knee pads fixed rigidly and the design, which includes the saddle, rear strut and the helpless victim attached to them, began to move forward, approaching the front strut. Dildo set at the level of the face was getting closer and closer, Kate struggled, trying to suppress a new attack of panic. The haloimeter touched her lips and she had to open her mouth to let him in. She could have avoided this, but she did not dare, knowing what consequences this would entail. Movement stopped when Katy's body was just an inch from the front pillar.

The click announced that the next phase was completed. Dildo was buried deep in the throat of the victim. The car was built perfectly, all measurements were at the height and Katya could not get rid of this guest in any way. Two bowl-shaped containers attached to the front column were exactly in the place where the rider's chest stopped. The noise of the vacuum pump filled the room, and Katerina felt the hurricane of air rushing past her nipples. She leaned back with her whole body as far as her fetters allowed, but they allowed very little. This effort did not help her slippery breasts to avoid contact with the edges of the vacuum cups. Breasts were beating and swaying in a metal container. She had to fully concentrate on the fight, not allowing them to be sucked into the device. Although she was confident that she would give up, the sensations would have been amazing, but it was a bad idea to give up, a very bad idea.

After spending a couple of minutes in the fight, Katerina felt that her legs were free. She had to strain her muscles again, but a small additional degree of freedom allowed her breasts to be removed from the cups that were greedily swallowing air.

At this point, the vibrator in the saddle howled at maximum speed, plunging the rider into the world of sexual insanity. The excitement grew avalanche-like, and Katya already felt how the orgasm was getting ready to cover her with an all-consuming tsunami. Looking into the mirror with her eyes wide open, she spread her legs a little more. The artificial member began a slow dive into the depths of her vagina and was already halfway there when the vibrations suddenly subsided.

The machine has been programmed in many respects for random events. This avoided predictability in the development of the plot.

Katya’s mind slowly cleared of the fog that had enveloped him. She took advantage of the breather and tried to calm down the bubbling breath, relieve tension from the already aching legs. The inner side of the thighs were burning with tension and it became harder to hold yourself over the dildo sticking out between the legs. In addition to fatigue, a new problem appeared to her, it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain control. The desire to surrender grew stronger, letting the dildo pierce himself, letting him dive into the very depths of a soft, flowing vagina with juices, let him ram it let him go deeper than anyone, let him rush into the womb. She wanted to give him all to herself. This desire was a real problem, it attracted Katya to the edge of the abyss to fall into which meant a catastrophe, a final and irreversible catastrophe. Small beads of sweat covered her whole body. Katerina gathered strength and did not allow herself to slide down the dildo already filled with juices. She brought her legs together and lifted the body, only the head of the already beloved torturer remained inside her.

Gradually, she reached a more or less acceptable compromise between the danger that threatened her from all sides and the capabilities of her exhausted body. At this point, the vibrator in her stretched vagina exploded with a new portion of the strongest vibrations. From surprise, Katya gritted her teeth and dug into the artificial penis filling her mouth. In response to such mistreatment, a portion of thick sticky liquid spilled out into the throat. Katya almost choked and thanks to God for the fact that the portion was small allowed her to drain into the esophagus. While the liquid was slowly moving towards the stomach, Katya thought about the expected effects, she was sure about one, but the second caused some doubts.

The main active ingredient of the sticky substance was an anesthetic, naturally produced by her company. The effect of this ingredient was quite predictable, soon it will feel a little intoxicated, and the thrill of sensation will be dulled. The second ingredient gave her some ground for concern. It was an experimental, highly active aphrodisiac also being developed in the laboratories of its company. Robert somehow let it be about him. She persuaded him to take her on a tour and pulled off a small portion of the test samples. The drug was not yet complete and according to Robert, at this stage, it was too concentrated. According to the test results, an overdose made test animals literally go crazy with lust, their consciousness was turned off suppressed by sexual desire.

Theoretically, the drug should be quite diluted, she added only a few drops to the liquid. But nevertheless the danger persisted, nobody tested this drug in public. I remember the unpredictability of the result and the impossibility for the slave to abandon the food offered by the host greatly aroused her when she interfered with this cocktail. Now she will reap the fruits of her sick lust.

The last component, the largest in terms of volume and causing unconcealed disgust in Katy, was male sperm. Her friend Sandra, who works in a sperm bank, willingly got a few liters for her, buying a bike about private research in the field of cosmetology. According to Sandra, the sperm was carefully checked and completely safe, just the clinic rejected her according to some of its criteria.

Soon Katya felt the first symptoms of the anesthetic action, her body became slightly numb, her head became light and slightly dizzy. I had to redouble my efforts to keep the body in the same position. Then she covered the first wave of unbridled passion. The body trembled, the walls of the vagina spasmodically began to shake and the juices flowed through the dildo in muddy whitish streams.

Feelings overwhelmed her and the fading consciousness snatched the last sensible thought out of a jumble of feelings and images. “It seems the drug turned out to be much stronger than one might have supposed. “- flashed through her head, and she forcefully planted on a giant dildo. The vibrations turned the insides into a quivering jelly and the last remnants of the will to resist evaporated. In the desire to get more hot euphoric sensations, Katerina eagerly sucked into the penis filling the mouth. The remnants of rational thinking moaned: “Do not dare swallow!” But the liquid was already descending inside. Tears ran down her cheeks again, she knew the situation was getting worse.

The monster biting into the depths of the vagina drove her crazy, the second wave of drug intoxication came quickly.

"It was impossible to take an untested drug."

Even thinking about this thought, she felt waves of lust rolling over her body. Katya desperately sucked her rubber lover, savoring the spicy taste, which a couple of minutes ago caused her genuine disgust. Not listening to the mind screaming about danger, she continued to fill her stomach with sperm of many unfamiliar men.

Stretching and spreading her legs, she jumped on a giant penis and was drunk from lust suddenly sharply leaned forward, plunging a rubber member deep into the throat. Overcoming the light emetic urge Katerina vigorously breathed with her nose and began to fuck the dildo of the depth of her throat with a splashing out cocktail. In a furious jump on two dildos, Katya almost lost her last bits of self-control. The mind has not yet completely abandoned her, and she knew that she could not sit down on the giant in her crotch to the ground, she couldn’t touch the protective guard at the base, in any case ..

The significant size of the alien monster in some ways helped to keep on the verge of this prohibition, but the vagina filled with lubricant gradually stretched and the member entered deeper and deeper.

Sharply replaced pattern of vibrations again knocked her out of the rut, it was impossible to get used to these changes. Having lost her concentration, Katya changed her posture and immediately felt how her right breast, rubbed with oil, slipped easily into a cup, from which she had been evicting for so long. A powerful stream instantly sucked the pliable flesh into the depths of the metal bowl. The shock of awareness with an electro-discharge flashed the whole body and then she felt the second breast fall into the vacuum trap designed for her.

“No, God no!” She screamed into her phallic watering bowl.

Leaning back as far as possible, she fought desperately, trying to free the breasts from the cups, but it was all in vain. Relentless invisible hand held her tits tightly and there was no way to remove them.

This cold shower of reality cooled her a little and brought her back to consciousness, she realized with dismay that her ass was dangerously close to the saddle, and the demonic member buried deep in the guts was almost touching the protective guard of the stretched labia. Katya was sure that the dreadful hour, at which she had doomed herself, was already coming to an end, all that was needed was to stop moving and wait for the timer to turn off the power and free her from imprisonment.

As soon as she gained confidence that she would cope and everything would end well, the last and largest portion of the narcotic cocktail spilled into her throat. Feelings of hard-vacuum-massaged breasts intertwined with the low hum of a dildo somewhere inside the abdomen and her volitional solution melted and flowed in streams of lust. Again she began to violently ram her juicy crotch trying to reach orgasm. He was already looming on the horizon under her closed eyelids.

Just as the sun rises inexorably because of the edge of the earth, so he approached every minute, overcoming the resistance of anesthetic that was splashing in blood. Faster, faster! She sat down on a huge dildo, bliss was already within reach. Finally, the monster switched to the maximum vibration, and she realized: “This is the end!” She wanted this alien invader, wanted to plunge it into her exhausted hole without a trace, so that he could fill it completely, penetrate into every corner of it. She knew what it threatened, waited with horror for the consequences and knew that she no longer controls anything.

“No, no, noooooooooo!” She screamed through her phallic gag.

And with this scream, she stretched her legs to the side with all her might, throwing down her squishing vagina on a giant monster. At that moment, Katya felt a sharp tip penetrate the cervix and the head, pushing the entrance apart, fell, and the protective guard entered the base of the vagina between her stretched labia.

The final stage of the devilish engineering performance began as soon as her thighs were wet with sweat and discharge, and sank to the saddle. Two loud pops in the chest cups blocked all the noises in the room, accompanied by a sharp dazzling pain in the nipples chewed by a half-hour vacuum massage.

At the same time, the cables from the clips on the genital lips are very tight, ensuring that the victim does not move anywhere. After a split second, five more pops filled the room and again a strong burning pain was already in the stretched vagina.

Mitigation of pain along with delaying an orgasm was one of the main tasks of the anesthetic in a narcotic cocktail. At the very least, he managed to cope with the pain, but to weaken the orgasm that a second later sprayed Katerina’s body into atoms turned out to be beyond his power.

"God, thy mother, oh booooooeeeeee !!!"

Nothing could have prepared her for such a crushing orgasm caused by a dangerous, untested chemical substance that sucked into her blood.

Katerina convulsed on the surface of the car, the body was shaking, the brain was not yet aware that her fate had been decided. She did her job perfectly and the spooky monster she built performed her function exactly as the creator intended. When he finally releases her from his strong embrace, breast cups made of the most durable alloy on the ground will become a permanent part of her body. Miniature pyro-charges on the inside of the cups fired rivets of surgical steel that pierced the halo of breasts right behind the nipple and firmly attached the chest to the cups. There was no way to get to the fixing rivets on the inside of the bowl. Now her breasts are forever locked in their metal dungeon and her nipples will forever remain outside the access zone.

A similar situation was with the metal protective guard at the base of the demonic dildo. Garda had a complex shape at the base of the penis, it was convex, it curved in the opposite direction towards the ends. At the moment, the convex base was the entrance to the vagina, and the back curved edges were a metal shield that covered the entire perineum. Inside this shield, the rivets that pierced the large labia tightly connected this heavy-duty armor with Katerina’s body. At the appointed moment, the dildo will come unfastened from the machine and she will only have to pull out the cables, which have been detached from the clamps, which in fact were rivets with charges. She will be freed from the car, but the gift in the form of the member who filled her vagina will remain with her forever.

The member was designed with all its physiological needs in mind. During the day, the soft coating, which made it so impressive, dissolves and flows out through the drainage holes, inside there will be a hollow metal structure. Perforation in the right places will allow you to hygiene, clean and wash. The front part of the protection had a slightly elongated convex shape and tightly covered the tubercle of the clitoris. At the time of fixation, the clitoris was in such an overexcited state that it looked like a rather small member, which allowed another rivet to easily penetrate its base and fix the protection in Katerina’s crotch even harder.

Now her clitoris, like her nipples forever hidden from the outside world. She will never again experience the stimulation of these main erogenous zones.

The metal dildo buried in it had several external additions. Since its interior was hollow and open to the outside, there was a special gag in the shape of a penis. It was necessary to use it in everyday life in order to avoid dust and dirt entering the vaginal cavity.

For special cases, there was a whole set of artificial vaginas that could be inserted into the metal cavity. Artificial vagina allowed to fuck Katya, like any other woman. The huge size of the metal member buried in it made it possible to select an artificial vagina for all occasions. Now she could give pleasure to any man, ranging from a boy with a short penile-length pen and ending with a black man with an aggregate the size of his forearm. She was able to give pleasure to anyone, but not to get it herself.

In short, the car Katerina converted into a live sex doll!

When the orgasm finally released Katya, her body, shaken by a shudder, hung limply on the straps.

This was her last orgasm and she will remember it for life.

She did not want this! Never!

That is why she was afraid of this nightmarish car. How could this happen?

How could she have succumbed to this nightmarish temptation.

Her body is disfigured, disfigured forever.

The timer bell resounded deafeningly in the deathly silence of the room.

60 minutes have expired.