There was a stuffy Friday evening outside. I have just returned from a hard working week from the city back to my small village. And therefore he could legally allow himself to sip a beer on the throat, sitting right behind the wheel of his nine-naked kind. I stood on our only square in the village, near one of the two food stalls. The area, of course, is said strongly, just an asphalt platform for turning buses. There was also a terminus. It was evening, there was nothing. So from idleness, I looked at infrequent passersby. It was the beginning of the 2000s, 3 months ago I came from the army, so you know who I mostly looked out for. Girls, chicks, women, mares, and so on. At that time, we did not have the Internet, so we had to cling in the old way, with personal contact. But this was the problem. It seems like not to say about being offended: height 192, not skinny, broad-shouldered, pumped up (thanks to the army and special forces separately), dark-haired, gray-eyed, it’s not a quasimo-like face, but I’m not special in this. But here to communicate with the girls, well, in any! I start to moo, blush, blunt, the paragraph is shorter! No, I was no longer a virgin; before the army I was drunk a couple of times. One of them, a woman under 30, with a trailer, even promised to wait. But na such gave up to me? Give me a younger one, not with hanging tits.

In short, I’m sitting so sad, half-Baklahi has already blown, and from passers-by only grandmothers, married women, peasants and children. I thought I had to turn down the shop, and you can't find a damn in our backwoods. But here on the horizon appeared 2 interesting subject. One tall brunette, thin, boobs can not see, in a T-shirt and skirt. The second is a dyed blonde, lower, wider in the ass, around the boobs, but on the face, though not ugly, wearing jeans and a shirt. The very first face is like a pupa: a small nose, big brown eyes, an admixture of oriental blood is felt. Both are clearly not local, local, I know everyone. And most importantly: both are young, as I love! I’d like to give out something like: “hey, girls, that they are so boring, they went for a ride, I'm drinking beer!” But the tongue seemed stuck to the palate, even beer does not help! They pass, in general, past the car, approach the neighbor from me from the stalls and begin to whisper about something. Here the high one notices me, they again lively discuss something and approach the car. High asks through the open window:

- Young man, you will not have 10 rubles, we do not have enough for ice cream.

- Mmm ... Uh ... Chawo?

- 10 rubles, I say, will not?

I'm in stupor. The blonde gets:

- Boy, do you feel sorry for getting ice cream for girls?

- Not.

- What is not?

- Do not mind, I say.

- Well?

I frantically start fumbling in my pockets, my hands are shaking, a trifle crumbles through the cabin, but I still find the necessary bill and give it to the brunette.

- Thank.

- It's my pleasure.

- Wonderful you.

The brunette smiles with her divine smile, they turn around and go to the chest.

Damn, what am I such an eblan! Mining itself goes into the hands, and again I stupid! I finish the beer for courage in one gulp and decide to act. I get out of the car and go to the chest. The girls stand at the cashier, the saleswoman strictly looks at them with folded arms across her chest.

- Hello, aunt Tan, what's wrong?

- Why, there came 2 youngsters, they want to buy beer, but no passports.

The blonde is outraged:

- Yes, we have 18, we are even higher than you!

- So in me growth is 150 with a tail of everything.

Here I interfere again:

- Ok, aunts, Tan, do not boil, sell me a beer, 3 and a half, a big pack of those chips, and put everything in the package.

- I'll sell you, I know you.

I take purchases, pay. At the exit I wink at the girls: they say, let's go after me! I go out, I sit in the car, the door does not close. The girls come next sad, come to me.

- Sorry that you lied about ice cream, you wouldn't give a beer.

- Why would not give? I love beer myself. Will you be with me?

“Well, we don’t know, we don’t even know each other.”

- My name is Artem, local. And who are you from?

- I call Olya. - Brunette answers.

- And I Irina, we are cousins, came to the grandmother for the holidays.

- Schoolgirls, or what?

- No, peteushnitsy. - Olya is embarrassed.

- Far from here live?

- Nope, over there, next to the pond.

- This is fucking, a good place. Will you have a beer?

Look at each other. Olya takes the initiative:

- If only a little bit.

- Let's go, I'll sit and talk?

- Do you live alone?

- Yes, I have my own hut, on the outskirts.

Again, whispering.

“Okay, if not for long.”

- Shit question.

Ira sits back, Olya passenger. I open the beer, do each a couple of sips and get under way. I really own a hut: my grandfather and grandmother left a legacy. A brick, albeit small, but high-quality, slate roofed, not more than 20 years ago, built by a collective farm for my late grandfather — an honorable vacuum truck. With all the amenities: gas, plumbing, sewage. Still, not a deaf village, but a whole urban-type settlement! The girls on the way sip beer and are silent, the radio tape recorder yells out something from the group “Paints”. I'm already slightly drunk, courage added. I rub my hand over my elbow on my bare knee, she gently removes her hand and looks at me with a talking glance: “well, not in public, not right now.” I nod knowingly and don't touch her anymore.

It was already getting dark outside when we drove up to my apartments. We go inside. Typical bachelor dwelling: mess, dust, gobies on the floor, but the girls do not care, they are already a little under the shafa. I will give the ladies forward, on the way I run my hand under the olgin skirt and wrinkle a small elastic ass: on the ass thong. Olya removes her hand and shush:

- calm down!

Okay, still early. We go in the hall, I lay out on the coffee table our uncomplicated piece of food. I cut the TV for the background, MTV. We drink beer. It will end soon, the conversation is not glued. Need to do something.

- Girls, and we can sneak around, let's play a card game, but what about porn?

- It is possible, but only without moonshine and porn. - Answer Olya.

- And I still have homemade vino.

- Wines can be a little bit. - This is Ira.

- Marked!

I run to the cellar, take out a 3-liter jar of infused black currant and cherry moonshine. Moonshine that cunning, still from the grandmother remained: sweet as honey, is drunk as red wine, but alcohol in it is about 50%. I take out wine glasses from the sideboard and pour “wine” to my new girlfriends.

- And yourself? - There is a question for Ira.

- I do not like sweets, I’ll pour vodka myself better.

And I pour myself in a mug candied and slightly fermented birch sap from the same can, in it on the strength of 5%.

Get out the cards and begin to cut into the "goat." Guests gladly sip my vino.

- Mmm, yummy, did you do it yourself?

- No, Grandma, God rest her kingdom, she cooked for herself, she didn’t ever drink strong.

- Did the recipe stay?

- Nope.

About 10 minutes later, after the 3rd wine glass, Irka falls asleep in a chair, hanging his head and letting in pink saliva. Olya is also very drunk, but still holding on. I slip her hand under the shirt, zero reaction. I take off my t-shirt, unbutton my bra, wrinkling little tits with dark nipples. We have been settling for a long time, Olka is clearly agitated, breathes heavily. I take her in my arms, put it on the bed, lift up my skirt, tighten my thong. Between the legs she has a neat dark triangle of hair, shameful dark lips stick out strongly and excited, lubricant flows from the gap. I greedily pripadayu to her mouth, climb inside the tongue, helping my fingers, sucking a rather large clitoris. I have never met such a pussy: as if a burgundy rose, so big and swollen! I take out my long but not fat device with a large crimson head. Fell on the girl and begin to fuck hard, the pussy takes me the entire length surprisingly easy, with the squish and champ. I can not stand for a long time, take out a member and finish it abundantly ...

belly and skirt up. She is sleeping peacefully and smiling. That's because bitch! I'll wake you up now! I turn it over and put it on cancer, a member and does not think to fall. I insert the thumb first in her pussy for lubrication, then I insert it into the brown anus until it stops, it comes in with tension, but for the entire length. Inside, clean and slippery, as if preparing in advance. Okay, check it out. I drive a head over a wrinkled ringlet, I start to enter. She groans groggily and breaks loose. Where there! The head is included, and there is already a matter of technology. Begin to increase the amplitude and speed. She is no longer worth the cancer, but just lies on her stomach, and I dolblyu her in the ass. Resistance is no longer there, as the feces in the ass. Accurately washed! Some rustling is heard behind. I turn around and see that Irka is recovering. A detached look, it is clear that she still does not understand anything, saliva flows down the chin. Well, it is necessary to taste and this fruit! Sharply take out a member of the torn butt ass, she sighs loudly. I walk up to Irka, take my hair, pull it off my chair, put it on my knees, poke a dick in my mouth.

- Suck, bitch!

Reluctantly she opens her lips, I shove a dick, start to fuck her in the mouth. With my free hand I climb under her shirt and pull out her heavy breasts. Good Big, white, with large pink nipples and, most importantly, not yet fed any babies! I take out a member and cum on them. Irka is in a trance: her eyes are glass, her mouth is open, her face and boobs are in sperm and saliva. She begins to feel sick mixed with tincture of beer.

- This is you for nothing, in a guest do not behave so!

I give her a good bream, tear off her shirt and wipe the resulting puddle with it. Well, that almost did not eat! I drag her hair to the bathroom, thrown into the bath and watered with cold water to wash and bring to life. He stands in the bath on his knees, trembling and sobbing.

- Get up, nauseous fucking!

He gets up, staggering. I wear jeans with her underpants, throw them into the washer. Now she stands absolutely naked, her boobs with her hands covered, her legs are compressed. Between the legs, intimate haircut a la "mohawk".

- Asshole turn, hands up against the wall, and then fuck!

- Fuck you!

Without further ado, I wring her hand behind my back and put cancer in the tub. Her ass is big, white, round and slightly pimply.

- Stay and not rip, and then zashib!

Something rumbles, but listens. I take the shower hose, loosen the watering can, adjust the warm water, insert the tip of the hose into her ass.

- Ay, fucking hurt the same!

- Go ahead, fuck! Jesus tolerated and ordered us!

- All fucked, right now burst!

- On the jump quickly jump!

She clumsily climbs out of the bath and climbs onto the white throne, laps her bowels loudly and for a long time, mothers, I wash the toilet.

- Ooh, I went to hell, goat!

I lick it on the cheeks until blood from the nose has gone, again I take the hair and put it in the bath with cancer, repeat the enema procedure. This time the powerful jet from the ass flies right in the pose of cancer, it’s good that the second time the fluid is almost pure. Irka silently sobs, resting his forehead on the bottom of the bath. I decide to fix the final humiliation of water procedures, said drunk beer. I am aiming with my hose at Irkina’s head and releasing a powerful stream of urine into it. I turn to face me and make me drink some of the warm liquid. I wash to the end the broken victim with water. Then I notice a vodka tag under the toilet, unfinished by someone (a bachelor house, after all) and an interesting thought comes to my mind. I take a shower gel, abundantly soap Irkin's ass, especially between rolls, concentrating on the anus ringlet, inserting my fingers there alternately. I take a piece of paper, smear it with the same gel and begin to insert Irke in the point with the bottom forward, with my other hand holding her neck. And here the fortress of Irkina's back falls and the bottle slips inside, leaving only the neck outside. Irka is breathing heavily, he is straining, but the checker is firmly entrenched. Again I take her by the scruff of the neck and drag her to the hall, to my sister. She is still sleeping peacefully on her stomach, her legs are spread apart, her butt is sticking out and opened. I bring Irku ssadi, poke his face between the sister's buttocks.

- Lick come on. Yes, well, language is a point deep! Continue until you have overdone the kidneys with all the dope! Spread your legs wide apart!

Irka diligently works the language, that already tears hail. Knees on the floor, legs spread wide. I go up to her from behind and insert my hero in her pussy and start simple movements. Cekushka presses the penis from above, increasing the sharpness of sensations. I can not stand for a long time and finish right inside. Then you admire the picture: a big white ass, the bottleneck sticks out of the point, the thighs are wide apart, sperm runs down them from the ragged pussy. Olya is quietly moaning in her sleep, turning her little dark-haired ass in which she cushes her tongue. Riser did not pass. With a sharp movement, I pull the check from my ass. Irka wildly yells, Olka is still getting high. I put the bottle in Irkina pussy, and my dick in a slightly bleeding ass.

- Lick come on, do not stop!

I continue to fuck a broken ass, but I want something else. I pull out the pin from my pussy and carry it to the Irkina face and butkin ass. Pushing away Irkino flushed face and admiring a well-oiled open anus. I insert a check into it in the same way as Irka enters easily. Strengthened by the thought that Olga is an experienced analsschitsa. But not enough to notice anything. Olya begins to groan and toss and turn and another funny idea comes to my mind. I force Irka to lie on her back and open her mouth, then I bother Olga and put her on his haunches so that the neck sticking out of her backside was exactly above the Irkish mouth.

- Mouth wider cutting, cow, and so that not a drop spilled!

I unscrew the cork and warm vodka is poured into a greedy, choking mouth. It's a pity, there is little left, 100 grams in total. I make Irku suck the protruding neck all in the same position. Olya thinks little, her eyes are clouded.

It would be necessary to cheer up darkie! I put Irka with cancer, put Olya on her so that all 4 holes are located on the same vertical, and this design is crowned with an open neck. A good installation turned out! It's time to stick your "kid" there. I take out the check, throw it into the corner and insert a member in its place. I make several deep frictions and move one hole lower, history repeats itself and my friend travels through all four squishing holes. I finish again in Irkina pussy, since this hole is the narrowest and when you fuck it, you can see all the others.

Okay, that's it, the party's over. I pull both whores out, push them into the car and lead them to their grandmother. On the way, Irka, being more obedient and sane, gave me a blowjob and swallowed my seed again. On sober left them the very check with that same vino.

P.S. As a result, Irka flew and I had to marry her under the threat of prison, and Olga became a godfather for our daughter and partner in swing parties. But that's another story.