Dear readers of my stories in my 42 story, I continue to describe to you my sexual adventures. I will briefly write about myself. Now I am 24 years old. My name is Ilona. Simple Ukrainian girl. Of medium height, slim, with dark hair and breasts of the second size. And now I begin my story.

The first weeks of the new semester have passed. I then studied in the second year of economics. Gradually involved in the learning process. There are new items. Some were interesting, and some were simply included in the program to occupy students. But life in the hostel was in full swing.

I spent a couple of days trying not to get my eyes on anyone. After the adventures with Svetka and the men, the holes ached for several days. It’s good that they didn’t break anything, but it only hurt and my walk showed my problem. Although, I answered the extra questions that I just slipped and fell. Only Yanke, my roommate, told me that three men and I were well fucked by Svetka. She pitied me and once again did not drive on the hostel, and I myself did not want any extra questions. And what else could any of the guys pester and paw me.

It was the middle of the week. It was the last month of winter. Approaching the day of lovers. Many students began to make plans for the holiday. I didn't plan much. I didn't have a regular student guy at the time. And I didn’t know what to call my relationship with Cyril. Of course, we had a slight attraction, but I think no more. He just sometimes liked to spend time together and have sex with me, and last time with us was Jan too. A slim girl of my height, with a chest of the first size, with long blond hair. You could say a typical blonde. We studied in the same specialty, only in different groups. Studying Yana was not very easy, and she always tried to use her appearance.

Somehow our groups together passed one test. She answered a clear nonsense to the teacher's question. In his view, I realized that everything can overwhelm. Milo smiled at him, blinked her beautiful big eyelashes and said: “I'm a blonde!”. What caused the general laughter. And this phrase I remember.

Then we returned after couples in a hostel. The weather was not important temperature fluctuated around zero. Snow in places began to melt and porridge was formed. It was necessary to tread carefully to avoid wetting. Together we entered our room, I put my bag on my bed, slipped out and put my boots to the battery, although it was not very warm, but it was enough to dry the shoes. She opened the closet and began to change. The room was quite fresh. They always saved on heating.

- I see you walking back to normal? - quietly asked me Yanka and began to take off her pink blouse.

- Yes, everything is over. And so the priest hurt for two days. - I remembered a little sigh as I remembered and looked at Yanka, she was fiddling with a belt on jeans. - Will you feed me today too?

- Okay. I will cook dinner today, but you cook tomorrow. - agreed girlfriend and began to put their belongings in the closet.

- What are we going to cook? - I asked and decided to wait until Jan was dressed.

- I do not know...

It was noticeable as she raised her head and thought. And so she looked at her slim body. The tan was almost completely gone, and only a slightly noticeable strip on the bottom showed that Yanka was at sea in the summer. I approached her from behind and put my hands on the ass. She jumped as if from an electric shock and turned sharply in my direction.

- Ilona! You, what a fool. - Yana shouted and tried to remove my cold hands. - Stop fooling around. Go warm your hands and then pester.

- Yes, I'm just fooling around. - I replied, and she giggled sweetly.

I began to instruct her with her cold hands, and she began to run away from me. I ran after her around the room. Although it is not big and especially nowhere to run away. Yana jumped on my bed and tried to snuggle up into a corner. I approached her and wanted to grab her slender legs with my hands.

- Stop doing that! She shouted to me, and I just laughed, she laughed at me in moments in response. - Well, stop it! Stop fooling around.

- I'll freeze you now. - I shouted jokingly at her in response, and I threatened to approach my girlfriend.

For some reason, I remembered how we did not sleep in the first grade, but jumped from bed to bed until we broke one. And then the teacher gave us an interrogation about who broke the bed. Yes, there it was impossible to understand who exactly and broke it. So Yanka now intended to jump from my bed to hers to get away from me.

- Stop fooling around. What are you like little? Playful mood today? - with such a displeased facial expression Jana drove me away.

“I'll freeze you and then warm you up.”

I spread my arms wide and tried to pinch my girlfriend. From her fuss, my bed creaked like that. Well, just now break, as then in childhood. I stopped coming. Just waving her arms. Yanka just tried to drive me away. We both laughed. I already had the desire to throw her down now on my bed and start to caress. But then my stomach reminded me. I lowered my hands. Also continued to smile broadly.

- Okay. Slaz will not touch more. - through the laughter I said and showing a hand down.

- You won't touch more like that? - clarified Yana and lowered her hands.

- Yes, I said that I would not. Slaz, or you break my bed and have to sleep with you all the time.

- And you do not want to sleep with me? - smiled Yanka and jumped to the floor.

- Want! But for every day the bed is narrow. - I already giggled again, I wanted to pinch her in the ass, but decided to keep my word. - Let's get dressed, and then so pulls you pinch or caress.

Yana smiled at me and went to dress. I sat on my bed and admired my friend again. She wore a black sweatpants, a gray T-shirt with some kind of hieroglyph, put on a sports jacket on top.

- And what will we cook? We have not decided? She asked, and turned in my direction.

- Maybe potatoes stush? If you stay warm up for the evening will be. - I already filled my mouth with saliva, and I swallowed.

- Okay. - agreed Yanka and began to collect products. - And you will make a task for me according to statistics?

- Well done. Notebook only put on the table. This time, we are not as lucky as the last, when the options coincided. - I smiled and also began to change clothes.

Janka placed a notebook on the table. She took the groceries and went to the kitchen. I quickly took off my jacket and jeans, I decided not to change my underwear. She remained in beige slip and almost the same color of the bodice. She took out her light blue sweatpants, quickly put them on, put on a brown T-shirt, put on a sweatshirt. I rubbed my hand lightly into my hand, otherwise they were really cold. She straightened her hair and sat down at the table to do the task according to statistics. Yanka won't come back so fast anyway. I pulled out and turned on my laptop. Opened her notebook. Two times in a row no luck. The options were different. Although now I will write a formula, there will be only my and her values ​​substitute and that's it.

There was a knock at the door. It seems that Janka forgot something. I reluctantly rose from the chair. Pulled the latch. It turned out Marinka. Our roommate. She studied in the first year, and so a slender brunette, my height, a good figure, a breast of the second size. She was wearing some sort of sweatshirt and pink sweatpants. Hair gathered in a ponytail.

- Hello! What are you doing? - Marinka asked cheerfully and entered our room.

- Yes, I do the task of statistics, and Yanka went to cook dinner. - I closed the door and returned to the table. - Did you want something or went so?

- Do not you go to the register? - With such surprise, she looked at me, I already thought about it.

- What kind of list? Nobody seems to call us anywhere?

“Didn't Snezhana call you?” She has birthday today. 20 years old. - Marina told and sat on the bed of Yana. - So we decided to fold everything and buy silver ...

the chain.

I forgot for her birthday. Especially with Snezhana, I was not friends, well, so we talked in a hostel. Especially since she lived a few rooms from us. Similarly, she came to us that week and invited to the list. For these adventures on weekends and studies forgot. Although the dates I usually remember well. And Yanka said nothing. Well, her bright head poorly remembers information. I just smiled to myself. While Marinka continued to tell how they and her roommates chose a gift, and now they are collecting money.

- Marin. Completely forgot. - I already shook my head, got up and went to my purse. - And when will the correspondence start? How much do you collect?

- For 20 hryvnia. Yes, it seems in an hour. Well, as we buy a gift, and all get together, let's begin. You go? And why are you the last days somehow went wrong?

- Yes, I fell on Saturday in the street. Yes, let's sit down. Especially her anniversary. - I took out a purse from my bag and handed a 50 UAH hryvnia bill to Marina. - Hold for me and Yanku.

- So hit hard? - Marina asked, and so appreciatively looked me over, as if she wanted to x-ray me, and took the money. - Now I will give the change.

- Yes, I fell on my side, and my leg hurt. - I lied and tried to restrain myself not to smile. - It's all over.

Marina began to rummage through her pockets and pull out bills of different denominations from there. Found two fives and handed me. I quickly hid everything in my wallet and sat back at the table. Marina followed me with a look, apparently appreciated how I step. But it was really all gone, maybe only a bruise on the arm was slightly visible, but he was not visible behind the hoodie. Marina back shoved all the money in her pocket.

- I once fell from a swing and my arm broke. So the guys rocked me, and I flew off. Well, that did not break the head. Let me run then, but I still have to go to the store. - Marina fussed and walked to the door.

- Will you come come for us.

Marina smiled and nodded in agreement. I sat down to do my task further. But the focus did not work. I did not plan to go to the list. Although it is possible and dispel, chat, have fun, and most likely will not do without bodily pleasures. I just sighed, a little excitement passed through my body. I straightened my hair and nevertheless, I decided to finish the tasks, otherwise it will obviously not be up to them. I looked at the outline and made up the formulas on the computer. I did not want to count it as a calculator. Maybe if it was for myself, and also for Yana, and maybe someone else from the group would be useful. Though thoughts were distracted all the time. First on what to wear. While on the little room in the dorm room what is there to dress up. Given that the temperature in the rooms is not very conducive to elegant outfits.

Then I managed to write a couple of formulas. Looking through the correctness of the signs, then distracted by the window. Gray dull winter sky. In some places, the snow melted and the black spots on the ground didn’t look as attractive as wounds. I wanted everything to become snow white again. Already smiled. No wonder her Snezhana called. It can be seen, there was a big snowfall then, since it was called so. It will be necessary to joke about this. Then she began her homework.

Another noise in the adjacent rooms was distracting. That sounds of music, then a movie or game. That came the noise from the corridor. If I hadn't been distracted, I had already done everything. I got to set up, I set myself up. I slipped the chair a little closer. In the stomach so purred. I already shook my head. Although, what is there to be surprised I ate only one banana in the morning and drank tea with cookies. My imagination again drew an appetizing potato stew, my mouth filled with saliva. I had to swallow and switch to a dull winter landscape outside the window.

I coped with my task. Rewrote the results in a notebook. And she began to substitute the figures of the Yankees. There was a quiet knock on the door. I quickly got up and went to the door. She opened the door, stood Yanka with a pot in her hand. I already smiled and closed the door, otherwise someone else from the guys will see that they have something tasty to profit from and will be asking for a visit.

- Let's clean the table, but it's hard to keep.

- So put on the bedside table. I have almost done everything. Wait a minute to finish it, and then rewrite it. - I quickly sat down at the table and began to finish everything. - Marina came. We forgot about Snezhana's correspondence. She also called us that week. By the way, you have 20 hryvnia, and I will forget. I gave for you.

- BUT! For sure. - Yana was surprised and, as always, blinked her cilia. - Now I will give the money. A year vpis?

- Yes, everything will be today. From eat and can be collected. - I already counted the last figure and closed the laptop.

- Here's the money. - Janka handed me two dozen. - A job?

- Eat and rewrite everything. - I removed all the notebooks from the table and took the bills. - Can we buy a printer? Then you would print from you and essays with the course printed themselves.

- Is he expensive? - Jan asked and began to arrange the plates. - And then I have little money now.

- Yes, we do not need dear. Let's go look in stores or on the Internet.

Yanka just smiled and began to lay out the potatoes. I just smiled at her. The room immediately filled with the aroma of food, and my mouth with saliva. From the plates rose thin strings of a pair. We sat down at the table and began to discuss the future. What we wear, who will. So quietly, we ate well. Pleasant warmth spread through the body. Already the mood became better. We went to the kitchen together. I washed the dishes, and Yana put the kettle on. A couple of hungry guys looked into the kitchen, wanting to find something edible. We only smiled at them, and they, seeing that we already had nothing, with our heads bowed to other kitchens.

We went back to our place. Saddled over a cup of tea. We sat down in their beds and chatted on. Topics for conversation somehow always were. Then I went to rinse the mugs, and at the same time refreshed. I just entered the room there was already Marinka. She only changed her blouse to a more elegant one with different sparkles, let her hair down and got a little touch up, and remained in the same sports pants.

- Are you ready? - Marina asked me right at the entrance. - Yes, in general, yes. Only hair now comb and lips make up.

- And I need to freshen up. - Yanka took a towel and ran.

- I asked you to be ready. Otherwise, we will not gather until the evening. The guys are waiting. - Marina tried to instruct us with displeasure.

- Do not worry you so. We have time. Immediately not a restaurant. - I calmed the neighbor and painted her lips near the mirror, and then slightly straightened her hair. - Here I am.

- And Yana, where is she wearing? - Marina did not calm down and nervously walked around the room.

Here and Yana returned. She also adjusted her hair and put on a little makeup. The three of us left the room. In the corridor, near the room, a small crowd of girls gathered, a few guys. We still stood there for about 10 minutes. And Marina was pushing us like that. Here you could also draw eyes. Yes, in general, and so come down. Especially no one dressed up, they were all in everyday clothes. Only a couple of girls got dressed more elegantly and made up. We all entered the room together. And there were about 15 of us. Only Snezhana was in a short bright red dress with a black belt, in black tights, beautiful makeup. She was so okay, I thought. She smiled sweetly at everyone. Maybe his legs were a little plump, and it was immediately obvious how the guys were devouring her eyes.

I remembered how I celebrated my birthday in Poland. How Paulina helped me find a dress and heels. And then there was hot sex with her and Tomasz. I already sighed and listened as a roommate congratulated her from everyone and handed a gift. A slight excitement of a pleasant wave passed through the body. Snezhana immediately put the chain on herself. I started to figure out how much she could cost, it looked quite good on her.

Then everything went quite normally for such events in the hostel. Cheap treats, the same alcohol. The noise of music. Laughing girls. Dance in the room was not particularly where. Although the room and triple. Somewhere somewhere ...

came out, others came. The guys tried as best they could to look after the girls. written for I never took a great interest in alcohol. I took myself a bottle of rum-cola and took a few sips of it. It’s good that I ate it, but you can’t eat too much crackers, chips, nuts. Some girls drank vodka, she quickly brought them up to standard. What guys used. Already more openly pawed them, tried to get into their panties. From the side it looked so funny. As guys tried to cuddle them, but they are purely formally resisted.

I chatted with different girls. Having fun, joking with them. I communicated with the guys, they understood that I had not yet gotten into a state of intoxication and did not risk touching me. Only in this way did light hints of the opportunity to look for another place and have a more pleasant time alone.

- Do you miss? - attracted my attention Stepan and put his hand on his shoulder.

- Yes, not what I normally communicate. - I replied and with a stretch smiled at him.

Stepan studied at the 4th course. It seems that he lived in the same room with Artyom. And so slim tall guy with light short hair. Slightly oblong face. As it is, Artyom himself is not visible or thought that this list is not his level.

- Let's go out into the corridor. There is not so noisy. Chat a little. - suggested Stepan and nodded his head towards the door.

- Good. - agreed, and tilted her head to the side, pulled the standing next to Marinka, leaned toward her. - Let's go to the corridor, but it's stuffy here, let's air out a bit.

- Come on. - She agreed and nodded in agreement. - How do you feel about it?

- Fine! Like most. Still not drunk much. - I already giggled, and we went out into the corridor.

There were already some couples standing there and kissing openly. The hands of the guys squeezed the asses of the students, trying to squeeze their breasts. It looked very so exciting. There is no need for porn. It seemed that they could start to caress each other right there. Sonya from the third year, it seems, even the guy was a little fucking, I just could not recognize him from behind. She closed her eyes like that. Such a tall slim girl. He whispered something in her ear, and she rather smiled at him. At such a spectacle, my body responded immediately. It became warm in the lower abdomen. Pussy began to give out her moisture, her nipples rested against the bodice cups. Marinka nodded in her direction. I just smiled at her. We stopped at the wall.

- Turns? - Stepan asked us and nodded towards the couple.

- Yeah. - almost simultaneously we agreed.

Here his hand is light on my pants, and the other on Marina’s pants. I tried so formally to push him away, but purely symbolically. Yes, and Marinka, just blushed and tried to somehow twist to throw off his hand.

- You are both cuties. Beauties, fluffy, sun. In short, the most beautiful girls on the list. - began to pour compliments in our direction Stepan. - I immediately spotted you. And Artem praised you.

“Is he here too?” - I asked and removed his hand from his priests.

- Went for a minute, but left already. He has the flu. - Stepan's hand and strived to return to my ass.

- And what did he say about us? - clarified Marina and somehow already spontaneously laughed, trying to evade the hand of Stepan.

- Nothing bad. That you are both very beautiful and hot girls.

I squinted a little. It is hard to believe that he said so beautifully about us. He already fucked me and Marina and what he liked with us. Although, who knows, that he could spit Stepan about us. Several students walked along the corridor, looking slightly sidelong in our direction, but considering that we were not the only ones indulging in it. Particular attention is not attracted.

“Did you say that right?” - I asked again and smiled, had already ceased to remove his hand, and he lightly stroked and squeezed my ass, trying to get under the hoodie.

- Well, almost like that. She praised you. Do not be afraid. - Stepan thought for a moment, probably remembering the words of Artyom. - Or maybe they went to your room?

- And we have not tidied up. Things are lying around. - knowing what was going on, I didn’t want to do it all at home, and then to clean up after all.

- And to you Marin? - Stepan looked at her with hope in his eyes.

- And Oksana is the same. - so she emotionally screamed, it seemed that she was glad to herself, but also did not develop.

- It's a pity. - it sounded so sad on his part that even the hands froze on our already warmed bodies. - And I wanted to be alone with you. Damn what to do.

He thought so and turned his head. Then the music subsided. From one of the rooms began to hear the characteristic sounds. The music began again and drowned out the moans of pleasure. We are a little wary. Stepan again began to stroke us slightly. My body reacted to arousal. I was getting wetter. He was ready to get into our panties. But they went there all the time, somehow I didn’t want the whole hostel to stare at how we were petted.

- Step. Stop doing that! Don't be here. - I tried to stop him and take the hand. - Yes, everyone is looking at us.

- Let them watch. You can see what you want. - Stepan still stroked us, although Marina also tried to stop him.

- I want, but not here. - Marina supported me and tried to push him away from us.

A couple of guys passed by and threw glances in our direction. Again the melody is finished. It became quiet, the noise of conversations, the squeaks of girls and some moans were heard. Sonya was not in the corridor, I just looked around. It seemed to me that I was a little flushed. My hand gently stroked my tummy, climbed under my elastic panty and fingers tried to grope my clitoris. Panties are already wet. I looked at his pants, there, too, everything was ready for action. I already started slightly. I myself most wanted to get a hot and strong member in their lustful holes. And I can also caress Marinka, I still didn’t know exactly about her bisexuality.

- And how do you see if we, for example, will not be ourselves, but with anyone else? - Stepan asked us and smiled so playfully. - Join now to some company.

- Good. - I agreed almost immediately and sighed. - This is the list.

- Well I do not know. - Marinka said thoughtfully and looked at me, and then at Stepan. - Will there be many more people there?

- That do not be afraid. If you do not want, I will not give you any offense. - Stepan assured us, it seemed that he was ready to drive anyone away from us. - Well, what are we going?

We just nodded in the affirmative. I already wanted to get my portion of pleasure. He nicely took us by the hands. It reminded me that in the kindergarten, one boy drove me by the hand and did not let me go for a walk with anyone else. We walked to one of the doors. Some sounds were heard, although the music muffled everything. Stepan knocked. It seemed to have subsided there, but it began again. He knocked harder. I was already all in anticipation. His hand seemed so hot. I breathed deeply. The papillae were already resting on the bodice, and the panties were all wet from lubrication. I looked at Marinka, she, too, flushed. Stepan knocked again.

- Yes, I hear what you do there! - shouted Stepan and again pulled the handle on the door. - Open we want to join. Wrestling, I saw you come in with Sonya.

- Step. It's you? - was heard outside the door.

- Yes I! Open up come on.

Door opened. Boris looked out. Short-haired, dark-haired guy. He covered himself only with a towel. Head shaped like an egg. Medium height, maybe a little plump, but in moderation. With his dark eyes looked at us.

- You want to fuck too? - He asked playfully and began to look at us.

- Of course we want. - Stepan answered for everyone and slightly pressed the door. - Open come on.

There was Jana and Sophia. Already naked lying on the bed. In addition to Boris, Taras was also from the third year. This is not very tall, slender, with light brown hair with a bit of freckles. He fumbled with Yanka, on the same bed. Sofia was so cute crustaceous ...

on the bed and sucked Grisha, I clearly saw her swollen lips, grease flowing down her legs. I already all shuddered, my pussy allocated a new portion of their juices. I wanted to be with her. I have already sweated my whole hand. Grisha did not live in a hostel, but he studied in the same group with Yanka. Thin, tall guy. He seems to be doing athletics. Tolley high jump, felts in length. I saw his dick hiding in Sonka's mouth. Yanka moaned so sweetly. Taras still fucked her, despite the fact that we entered. Yana can be seen and did not immediately notice that I entered. But then our eyes met and she smiled at me, I answered her with a smile too.

On the third bed he was sitting, apparently, Vitya had already left the 5th year after orgasm. I once fucked him once again in my first year. Such a nice guy, they even tried to meet, but we didn’t work too well. Immediately caught on him his lustful eyes. I always liked the sports body pumped up. Dark hair, cute blue eyes. He has such a cute straight dick. Somewhere in the region of 18 centimeters, not fat and could easily be taken both in the mouth and ass. Boris threw a towel and went to Sona. He began to settle behind her. It was evident that the three of us were even more wound up.

- That got up. - Vitya shouted to us and somehow moved up on the bed. - Did you come to fuck or watch free porn?

- This is not a sin and look. - Stepan answered him and threw a displeased look. - Now let's start. All have time.

Stepan pulled me and Marina to him and began to stroke our bodies. The room was filled with moans and slaps of bodies. Wheezing guys. I took off my hoodie myself and threw it on the chair. Stepan pulled off her blouse from Marinka and threw it there too. They want clothes here scattered around. Now I pulled off my T-shirt. We were both in bras. But I wanted so much to get rid of him. Stepan caressed our beautiful breasts, tried to pull them out of the cups. I unbuckled my own. He hung in his arms and almost immediately fell to the floor. Marinka tried it herself, but her hands shook noticeably from excitement. I helped her handle the clasp. He is now crushed our protruding nipples. The room was getting dark. The groans were so sweetly mixed. It seemed to be watching porn loudly nearby. I sometimes looked, then at Yanka, then at Sonya. A shiver ran through her whole body like goosebumps.

Marina and I pulled off his jacket from Stepan. Started stroking his torso. Vitya told us something, but through the sounds of sex I didn’t really understand what he wanted from us. It was noticeable, just that his dick was again strong and was ready to pierce the empty hole. Marinka unbuckled her belt and Stepan’s jeans fell to the floor. He, without bending down, somehow left himself. The head of the penis was already peeking out from under the panties. A drop of lubrication was visible. Already wanted to spend on her tongue. I just breathed deeply. Stepan began to caress my ass. I shoved and pulled my sweatpants with my shorts down, and they, too, fell to the floor. His fingers slid along the crotch. I already moaned a little.

Now he pulled his pants off Marinka. I immediately noticed her swollen lips and clit. They glittered from her lubrication and pulled her to caress. He ran a little over our crotch. The fingers were wet. I also got rid of my pants and stayed in some socks. I exchanged a glance with Marina. She looked at me. We already giggled. Other couples did not pay attention to us. Only now Sonya was sucking Boris, and Grisha was fucking one of her holes. Yanka groaned so, I already knew that she would soon end from this.

Marinka knelt down and quickly pulled off panties from Stepan. Licked his head. I myself sank near them. I started to caress his shaved eggs slightly to kiss them, tried to take in her mouth, but Marina tried to suck, and we only interfered with each other. Stepan's hands lay on our heads. He lightly stroked us. And in our mouths alternately turned his cock. It is medium in size, around 16 centimeters, with some kind of a head that hangs more from the bottom and is even at the top. I tightly wrapped his lips with his lips, made several movements and let him go. And he immediately found himself in the arms of Marina’s sweet lips.

- Suck me too. - I did not notice how Victor was near us from the back. - Give Ilonka. For a long time I have not enjoyed your mouth.

- Have you already fucked? - Hard breathing asked Stepan.

- Yes, it was business. - Something with sadness said Victor. - But it did not work out with us. And then from you brought them.

Victor began to stroke my shoulders, poking my dick to me somehow from the side. I did not even know how to correctly, but decided to turn around. Lightly caressed his legs, touched her, gently played with her fingers with eggs. A member and pulsed before my eyes. Then I quickly plunged it into my mouth. Immediately felt in the mouth taste of semen. I ran along the length of the trunk, tightly wrapped my jaws into the head, then for one cheek, then for the other. Then Yanka groaned so loudly, and Taras seemed to ride on her as best he could, but he also calmed down on her. They only breathed deeply, and Yanku slightly shaken in orgasm. And Sonya is now fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time. She moved so beautifully on two cocks. I myself did not notice how my hand was on my clitoris. I gently rubbed it with my fingers and penetrated slightly into myself. And in the holes of Sofia penetrated hard and hot members. She moaned so loudly that she drowned out even loud music from the corridor.

In my mouth, the organ of Viti was moving slightly. Rested in the throat, rubbing against the tongue. I felt his ripple well. Nearby Marina already completely sucked Stepa. He himself tried to stick his cock on her mouth. Vitya began to sway slightly. Now the head rested and slightly penetrated my throat. Her mouth filled with saliva, and she began to flow out of the edges of her mouth. Stretch for a member and dripped on my chest. I seemed stronger to start rubbing the bump of the clitoris. There were tears in her eyes, breathing all the time.

- Can swap nipples? - I heard the proposal Stepan.

- Come on. - Victor reluctantly agreed, looked at me and stroked the head. - Anyway, you're the best nipple!

He let go of my head, and I released his dick. Behind him pulled the strings of drool. Torn and fell to the floor. I swallowed and wiped my beard with my hand. We stood on our clothes. The room grew darker. I stabilized breath. I wiped away tears on my eyes and cheeks. Turned to Stepa, and Marina to Vita. She also caressed her pussy, her small nipples stuck so beautifully. So I wanted to touch them or take in the mouth. Then a member of Stepan buried his lips in my lips. I immediately plunged it into my mouth. He was already all wet and gently rubbed on my tongue. I again launched my fingers into the crotch, and with my other hand held onto Stepan’s legs. He began to rock gently, two of his warm hands lay on my head. Slightly straightened my hair. Member lightly rested in the throat. I felt good how he was tense, how his head was pulsing. He pressed me into a tight and massive head slipped into my throat. It became difficult to breathe. I even wanted to push him away, but he pulled me closer to me. Started lightly fucking my throat.

I already have a ring in my ears. Flowed from the nose. I tried to grab the air, but Stepan was holding me up, so that the spout pressed against his stomach. I slipped a little knees on our clothes. Something seemed to be lumping in my throat, I had vomiting cramps. I tried to push him as best I could. But the forces left me. It was getting dark in the eyes, only dots appeared and disappeared. Then the member stiffened and began to spew hot liquid into my throat. She throats right in the stomach. A second jet followed, I glanced sideways at all, he let go of my head, and the second jet flew at me and Marina. I started to cough. Trying to swallow saliva mixed with sperm.

- Oh, how good I am! - moaned Stepan and sat on the bed.

- I’m saying that Ilona is still a nipple. - Vitya praised me while continuing to fuck Marinka.

I gradually recovered. Breathing deeply, my heart was beating so fast. I was already sweating a little, I could not understand it hot or cold. Once again, wiped cum from her face and licked her tongue. Wiped her nose and eyes. Sonya is also quiet with the guys. I could only hear Marina sucking nearby. I ran my hand over my sweaty forehead. There seemed to be a lump in my throat and was so thirsty. I sat a little more comfortably, and then my left leg went numb. Step here so looked at me.

- Who will clean me? - he asked with a grin, Stepan, and so looked at Marina. - Marin come here. Brush your girlfriend. And then she does not see for herself.

- So I'm almost. - Vitya was outraged with such pauses in his voice.

- Can he fuck Ilona or Marina while she sucks.

- That you damn. - Vitya wanted to be seen, but somehow he stopped. - And maybe even better. Go to him.

Marina released a member from her mouth. Saliva so nicely reached for her. She slowly moved to Stepan and began to play with his member. Vitya extended his hand to me. I took it, and he pulled me to the top. I rose to my feet, only then I noticed a puddle next to me from my discharge and drool. Also dripping on clothes. Victor turned on the light. Already others stirred by surprise. And then they rested there after their caresses and did not particularly pay attention to us.

- Turn off! - Boris shouted and lifted his head.

- Yah. Let it be. - Vitya retorted to him and led me to the bed. - It is somehow cooler in the light of fucking than in the dark. Become a shrimp like this.

I just nodded my head and climbed onto the bed. Became on his knees and bent ass. Droplets of grease ran down the legs. I wanted to cum so much myself. Viti's warm hands began stroking my body.

- Vit! There are condoms in a sweatshirt in a pocket. - in a hoarse voice, I suggested to him and with my hand pointed at the chair.

- Okay, I'll take it. Don't you take pills? - He asked me and went on condoms.

- Not now. - I lied and tried more conveniently located on the bed.

Vitya did not have to wait long. His hands were on my body again. He lightly stroked me, passed through the wet crotch. I was just trembling. I was so pleased, as he touches my body, as his hand gently slides on the pope and hips. I already quietly moan the beginning in anticipation of which of my holes his erect organ will enter. I didn’t even pay attention to the others looking at me or not. I really wanted to get a member of it.

I did not have to wait long. Vitya buried his body in my crotch. I began to press and gently entered into my juicing pussy. I felt like rubbing against the walls of the vagina and penetrating deeper and deeper into me. It was so nice. I began to move myself to meet him. He ran into me and began to fuck at an average pace. I moaned louder and louder. My chest swayed in time with his movements. Sitting next to Stepan stretched out his hand and began to lightly stroke my nipples. Waves of pleasure nicely spread through the body. I could hear my little hole squish, the slaps of our bodies, my moans.

Someone from the audience commented on our sex, but I could not even make out the words. I wanted to fully surrender to the passion of pleasure. I felt the approach of an orgasm. Moments member slightly pressed on the uterus. For a long time I could not stand it. Breast fell on the bed. She groaned loudly, clutching the coverlet. My whole body began to shake as if from an electric shock, the euphoria of pleasure was pleasantly dispersed through the body. It became so easy. I breathed deeply. It seemed that Vitya was directly carrying me in his arms. My holes were throbbing. Vitya was moving at such a pace that my little hole was squishing with such force, the grease was running down my legs, dripping onto the bed. Here his cock stiffened. He fell silent. Only breathing deeply.

- Oh shit. How damn good! - Vitya shouted and patted me on the pope. - You have become even better. Great bitch!

- It ends violently for sure. - confirmed Stepan and lightly stroked my sweaty back.

Victor got up out of me. It became so empty inside. I leaned a little to one side. Gradually recovered. Vitya sat down beside me, lightly stroked my head and played with my hair. It was so nice. I didn't want to do anything. Although the four of us were cramped in one bed. Our naked bodies were touching.

Began to call someone's phone. It turned out it was a girl of Boris. He made such a nice excuse. I already smiled as I listened to his words. It’s good that we didn’t get fucked, but rested. From his face it was obvious that the conversation was not evolving as he wanted. He began to look for his clothes and dress.

- My calling to yourself. - Boris said with displeasure, continuing to dress. “You have fun here, and the man has to run.”

The guys said goodbye to him. He again lustfully examined all of us and left the room. For a while, everyone was silent and just rested.

- The people. Let's play a game. - suggested Taras and went to the middle of the room, as a couple. - I think it will be fun. What do you think?

- And what a play. - Grisha's slightly rough voice rang out.

- I already seem to guess. - Sophia added cheerfully and sat on the bed next to Grisha. - I'm sure everyone will like it. If girls are not afraid of this.

- What should we do? - Marina asked a little scared and looked out slightly from behind the wide shoulders of Stepan.

- Girls need to relax and have fun. And finish more. - cheerfully told Taras, already waving his hands, as at a lecture. - Divide into two teams. We are just equal. Two girls in one team, two girls in the second. Guys fuck one girl, if she wants to help, she is free, but she doesn’t have a rest until her partner ends. Then they immediately begin to fuck another girl. Won the team where the guys can finish the most time in one hour. You can still finish in the glass and see how much sperm there will be, and then the losers should drink it, but I think we will not do that. Since the guys here already do not have as many stocks.

- Wow! - I heard the familiar voice of Yankee.

I have the very shiver passed through the body. Not a bad game. The last time I played on the list was in Poland. It was also fun there, but much more trite. Taras continued to praise his game. Already an easy discussion ensued, who will be with whom in the team. I especially did not climb into the dispute. The main thing is that no one refused to play like that. I myself am more comfortable on the bed. Yanka sat on the next door and looked at me so playfully.

- We are with you on the same team? - so mysteriously she smiled at me.

- What about? - I agreed and smiled at her.

- Share on the team? Since no one objects to the game? - Taras asked us all.

- We with Ilona together. - Immediately tried the first to choose a partner Yana. - We live in the same room.

- Okay. - agreed Taras. - Then Marina and Sophia you will be together. Guys, how about we share?

Yana and I smiled at each other again. I wanted to kiss her, but we did not dare to do it in front of everyone. Marina somehow looked at Sofia with displeasure, she most likely wanted to be with me or with Yana. Stepan immediately agreed to be with Marina and Sofia. Taras came to us, but from Victor and Grisha, they could not agree. We waved our hands in such a way as if they were taking us for a lifetime, and not having fun in a hostel. The guys are called, we somehow found a common language more easily. The matter went to night, and so that it would not waste time and not run into the commandant. We decided that Vitya will be with us, and Grisha will be in the other team.

In the corridor it was still noisy. Any cries of girls are heard, like boys used to swear. Vpiska reached its climax. I do not want to meet myself like this for 20 years, I thought. Now flies all. Not enough yet, who will call the police. Someone there is definitely offended.

Our team got together and began to discuss tactics. We sat on the same bed, as if in a semicircle. I am with Yanka at the wall, and the guys opposite ...

us. We leaned over. He recalled how the athletes are discussing the game, we are just now having a coach who would give us tips and stimulate where the advice is, and where the word is strong.

- How are we going to start? - Vitya asked us and put one hand on me and the other on Taras.

- Let's do that. One of us will be lying on the bed or with cancer, as someone more like it. One fucks, and the second guy at the same time to suck, but he ends immediately a member in his mouth, what to raise. - I suggested tactics, already all shuddered and took a deep breath, it seemed to me that I even blushed. - What do you think?

- Why not. - agreed Taras and nodded.

- Or maybe you both lie down? - Vitya made a proposal. - And we will move between you.

- There are narrow beds. - objected Yana and slightly grimaced. - As said Ilona will be more convenient.

- And you can stand up as you finish? - Vitya asked her.

I thought a little. You could hear the second team laughing. They also made different proposals. I did not think that this game would delay us. After a good orgasm, it will be really difficult to get up.

- And then on the floor, too, it will be possible to start on the rug then, and there it will move. - I said thoughtfully, and began to wind a strand of hair on my finger. - Actually on the bed one will be narrow. Or can we take two?

- Not. So then there will be no equality. - Stepan shouted to us, apparently heard my words. - There are just three beds.

- If anything in the course we will correct. - already quietly whispered Taras, what would not have heard rivals.

- Let it be so. - Vitya agreed, although it was evident from him that he didn’t really like that.

- And with whom do we start? - Jan asked and so looked at the guys.

- You are ready? - Shouted Stepan to the laughter of Marina and Sophia.

- Yes, ready! - Vitya answered them and raised himself up. - And who has a phone, what would time mark?

- I have. - Grisha responded and went looking for his mobile in one of the piles of clothes.

- So who are we starting with? - quietly asked Yana, continuing to throw glances at the members of our team.

- Come with you. If so you ask. - Taras raised himself, pulled and bent Jan to him.

Vitya and I got out of bed. I settled on my knees on a small rug beside the bed. And Marina and Sophia became cancer on the bed, sticking out their cute butts, they most likely decided that there would be more orgasms when they were being torn at the same time. Maybe it’s okay too, I’ve already raised an eyebrow in my head. Grisha, at the time, found his phone and was fiddling with a timer. Members of the guys and so noticeably grew, and almost were ready for action. Yes, I myself was well flowed, and all was tense. I did not have such games yet. I looked, then at Yana, then at the guys. Breathing gradually increased.

Taras positioned Yanku in a more comfortable position. Tilted her ass and waited for the signal. His 15 centimeter member swayed beautifully in front of her booty. Beautiful round head and lured him to lick. Although Victor stood next to me and tuned in to the game. His cock fluttered too. I wanted two of them at the same time. Shivering passed through the body.

- Grish! But damn, what are you doing there? Your mother - Vitaly shouted displeasure

- Yes, wait. - continuing to poke a finger at the phone screen, Gregory was outraged. - Not so often here I dealt with these timers.

- And you set the alarm in an hour. - I suggested, and turned my head towards Grishka, who was standing at the nightstand.

- Cool idea. - he was delighted to wipe his forehead with his hand.

It seemed that everyone sighed with relief. And then these minutes before the start lasted so long. The noise in the corridor somehow began to subside, but still different music was playing. There were shouts of students, knocking at the door. But no one paid attention. Everyone stared at Grishka and waited for his signal. He already turned red with such universal attention. It seemed to me that his hands were already shaking. I knew that the phone has a timer and a stopwatch, but I never used them in mine, but the alarm clock was on all the time.

- Getting started!!! - Grishka shouted to the whole room, threw the phone on the bedside table and quickly ran to Marina.

- Fuck! Finally. And then wait for a shit. - Taras muttered displeased to him and started to fuck Yanka.

I just started to stroke Viti's hand with my hand and caress his head with lips and tongue. He immediately reacted to the touch of my gentle fingers and immediately began to harden. The room was filled with moans, slaps of bodies, some wheezing, squishing holes. I just looked askance, then at Yana, who sweetly opened her prurient mouth and moaned so sweetly, and the member of Taras went into her whole ass. The small chest swayed nicely. I shuddered all over again, the grease poured abundantly on the mat. It seemed to me that I myself began to bend ass on it. And next to another bed, they actively fucked Sofia and Marina. As the bed held them up, it seemed that she was bouncing like an earthquake.

I plunged a member of Viti into my mouth. Tightly wrapped his sponge and lightly held them around the head. I felt his ripple. My fingers were on the clitoris, and I gently massaged him. Pleasant warmth spread over the body. Impulses of pleasure flowed to the brain. I was breathing deeper. Yanka moaned so sweetly on Taras' dick. He tried to move as fast as possible. Then he caved in a bit and began to cum. I saw his contented face, beads of sweat on his forehead.

- We are leading! - happily shouted Victor, I let go of his penis, and he went to Yanke. - Taras let slaz faster. Go to Ilona.

- Yes, we will furnish you now! - Stepan answered him and noticeably increased the pace.

I just swallowed. Wiped saliva from the fights. Although this time I just gently sucked. Taras wiped sweat from his forehead with his hand and poked his dick to me. He was all in semen. I gently wrapped his lips. In the mouth immediately felt the taste of sperm. A slight tremor went through the body. One hand began to caress his eggs and stroke his feet. And the other hand still lightly played with her swollen clit. Vitya attached to Yanke and began to fuck her. His hands held her tightly by the hips and it seemed to me that he had driven her into it with all his might, their bodies spanked so loudly. I used the tongue to play with the head, make circles in different directions, massage it with lips. I did not have to wait long. Young flesh quickly responded to the caress of my hot mouth. I already smiled a little to myself and was pleased with my work, as if I decided to have a difficult test.

The groans were so mixed up that I really did not understand who was moaning louder. It seems moaned Marinka, apparently finished. The sounds of such intense sex were clearly heard in the next rooms. None of the restrained. I already collected all the cum from a member. He started so lightly against my throat.

- One one! - happily exclaimed Stepan.

- Yes, I'm on the way. - hard breathing, Vitya answered the rival team.

Oh, how hard he started to fuck Yankee's pussy. She seemed to start shaking and screaming in ecstasy. I already all shuddered. She would have fallen on the bed, but Victor held her tightly by the waist. A few more powerful shocks and he began to cum at my girlfriend. They both fell on the bed and breathed deeply. The bodies glistened with sweat.

- Dude well done. Now we are again ahead. - I heard the pleased voice of Taras.

- Grish! Come on, otherwise they will overtake us like that. - Stepan already pushed Pear, who somehow could not finish.

- Let's free the bed. - Taras sharply raised my hand. - We must keep up the pace.

- Painfully! - I shouted and got up. - Why are you pulling so much!

Taras looked at me, but said nothing. Only Vitya got out of bed and pulled it off on that rug where I sat Yanka. She has not quite recovered yet and is sluggishly moving. Podomnoy was visible a large wet spot. Wow, I leaked, already did not expect. Feet somehow shaken a little or it can from excitement. I am light on the bed soaked with sweat and secretions of Yankee. It was somehow not comfortable. Well, that does not ...

send us to fuck. It is not exactly dry, I thought. Taras threw my legs on his shoulders. He began to rub his hands on my crotch. Slightly penetrate my fingers in my ass. Then a few pushes pussy and again in the ass. I was slightly arched, the moans of pleasure began to fall from my mouth.

Yana tried to suck Vita, played with her mouth with his dick and eggs. Then Taras pulled me up and began to press. His cock rested on the anus ring, butt tried to resist. He pressed harder and the member began to slowly sink into my gut. I just gripped the wet sheet more tightly. A slight pain passed through the body. I even screamed. But Taras began to sway more smoothly. His cock rubbed against my gut. I already closed my eyes. He leaned forward and rammed my ass with his stake. She has not quite recovered yet. With his movements, I felt a slight discomfort, like tingling inside of me.

- I'm all! - Grisha shouted so loudly and quite. - Two or two!

- That damn is lagging behind you. - heard the discontented voice of Stepan.

“We’ll get you right now.” - sarcastically smiled Taras and continued all the sweeping fuck my ass.

- Yeah. Weaklings you! We do not have endurance competition. - Vitya fiddled with Yanka, and I faintly saw behind his back what he was doing to her.

I closed my eyes again. The booty tingled a little, but it was good. His chest swayed so hard from his thrusts. I already curved. My affection and excitement were not in vain. I felt that I would soon reach the peak of bliss. I just moaned, Taras tried to go deeper into me. Already our bodies began to spank, the hole gave out some strange sounds, but I did not pay attention to it. I already did not care. My body was preparing to dive into the ocean of pleasure. Taras did not slow down. It seemed that he would be ready to pierce me with his stake, but only to finish quickly. I was already shaking. My screams mingled with the moans of other girls. Holes so throbbed. I breathed deeply, the euphoria of pleasure captured my brain. It was so good. I slightly felt strong tremors of Taras. The pain has gone somewhere. It seemed to me that I was floating in the clouds. The reality was far away. Taras calmed down, only then did I feel how pleasant warmth began to spread through my insides. I was still trembling. The body is slightly sweaty. The whole bed was now exactly wet.

- We are all ahead. - Taras's cry and his pleased face caught my attention. - And what are you?

- You think for yourself. We still show you! - puffing answered Stepan and continued to fuck someone.

- Vit. Come on, you can hammer it. - Taras came out of me, lowered my legs and stood on the floor.

- Yeah, I'm coming. - I heard the words of Viti, but I did not want to raise my head.

He quickly jumped on the bed. She squeaked slightly from his movements. He spread my legs wide. I just looked at him and breathed deeply. I have not quite recovered after an orgasm. His stake organ was ready to enter my lustful holes. In this perspective, he seemed to me even more. He lightly stroked my wet body. I played with the papillae, pulled me to myself. Under the booty was already a whole puddle of my and Yankin secretions and leaked from us sperm guys.

- We razed. - once again shouted Stepan. - Now we will overtake you.

- Do not wait! - as about grimaced and Vitya answered him.

The member re-entered my ass. He slid there easily. Only now somehow chomp more loudly. I was in the same position as with Taras. Vitya moved in my pope, and switched to pussy. Already a shiver passed through the body as he entered me. I already groaned. She grabbed the sheet again. It seemed to me that I was already thrown up. The hole pulsed slightly. I was so good. Vitya began to alternate holes. He made some sharp pushes in pussy. He left me and just sharply drove into my ass. At moments it seemed to me, during the change of holes, I lifted myself with my own body in order to implant on his penis. The groans of pleasure still fell from my lips. Already in the throat was dry. I wanted to drink. It became so hot. I did not understand again who was moaning and how. Everything was starting to mix. It was evident that Yankee’s head was shaking.

Vitya continued to alternate my holes. I already breathed with my mouth and nose. He firmly held my legs, as he did his powerful pushes, then quickly changed the hole and pecked me again. I could not stand this pressure. She pulled the sheet over. A cry of pleasure spread over the room. It seemed to me that it was getting dark. The light was far away, as in a tunnel. The body was shaking, the holes were pulsing. I all relaxed and plunged into the euphoria of pleasure, she wandered through the body. Here and he flinched. Sperm flowed into my vagina. I just breathed deeply. It became so hot. He put my feet on my side and walked out of me. I saw sweat glisten on his beautiful body like little diamonds.

- Well, what are you there! I am everything. - He turned to the other team got out of bed. - You can catch up. Not much time left.

- Do you doubt? - I did not understand who asked.

- Who would doubt that. - Vitya leaned toward me and gave me a hand. - Get up let them fuck.

- You can lie down for a couple of minutes. - I asked in a hoarse voice and smiled.

- You want us to lose. Come on come on. - Taras shouted to me and approached me too.

They took me by two hands and wanted to sit me on the same rug. From my holes the seed of the guys started to drip and dripped onto the bed and onto the floor. They sat me down. The body still did not really want to obey. A shiver ran down my back. She was all wet. Already somehow it became cold. I straightened my hair with my hand. Ian Taras put cancer and already planted in her ass and began to actively hammer her there. I saw her stretch. As a white liquid flows from it and flows down to the bed along its slender legs. Already wanted to lick. Although no less flowed from me and a decent pool formed on the rug. Victor came to me. Lightly stroked my head, his limp member hung peacefully. A large drop of semen was on the head.

- Can you raise? He asked me softly and smiled?

- I will try. - I answered, took a deep breath and leaned in his direction.

The room had only moans, wheezing, some screams. The noise of music came from the list. All this is so mixed up. Then there was such a roar. I was scared, already jumped a little. Mechanically turned her head at the source of the sound. It turned out that Sonya and Stepan had somehow fallen off the bed, and one of her supports fell off at all and lay on the ground. I, as I saw, already smiled broadly. Giggled slightly. Vitya laughed louder than me. Sonya did not even understand what had happened and her eyes were running around the room. Marinka scared looked at a couple. Even Taras stopped, but immediately continue to hammer the ass Yankees. Stepan probably remembered all the swear words he knew. He picked up Sonya and carried her to a free bed.

- We did not agree. - Vitya tried to stop him.

- So the accident is the same. Force Majeure. - Stepan shrugged and began to install Sonya in a comfortable position.

Almost everyone laughed out loud. Yes, no luck to someone now. The bed was broken, so it will be all wet. I leaned over to Vita and began to caress the eggs with his hand, and the member was in the arms of my hot sponges. I gently caressed the head, collected tongue droplets of sperm. Grisha tried so hard that it seemed that this bed would break. Some strange squeaks began to be heard.

- I'm all! So what do you think! - Grisha was pretty bragging about watering Marina’s breasts with his sperm.

- Give Ilonka. Get up faster. - so begging me, Vitya begged me and stroked my wet hair.

- I'm trying to. - I replied, and again took up his member.

I stroked his hand, played with his lips. But he sluggishly responded to my caresses and did not want to rise quickly. Marina also sucked Grisha, squeezing out the remnants of sperm from a member. Taras tried so hard that it seemed to me that Yanka was about to fall out of bed. Her ass was so red. Mine also reminded of itself. I already started. Taras issued a scream like a lion. Everyone looked at him. He raised his hands up, and from his penis droplets of white liquid flew on Yankee's ass.

- There you have it all! Look! Well, what do you catch up with? He shouted to everyone.

- Respect you. - Vitya praised him and patted his sweaty shoulder.

I just looked at the guys. Their happy faces. Wiped her forehead and straightened her hair. Played the melody of the phone. I immediately did not understand, I thought that someone was calling. Only then did it come that time was up. So the hour quickly flew by. Just started. It seemed to me that another 15 minutes is for sure. I looked out the window. It is all foggy and condensed. I smiled to myself. Not only are we all sweaty here. The room smelled like sex. Yes, a marathon to fame. I got up and wrote a bill on the window halves. It turned out like a scoreboard at the stadium.

- We won! Won! - shouted guys and raised their hands up. - Who here said that something can.

On the rug, there was a decent stain. Similarly, the trail will remain. And the bed is still. On the glory walked. Vitya sat down near Taras and it was clear that they showed by their appearance who the winner was. Yanka just lay and moaned. Yes, her ass is good Taras smashed. Although my holes ached, but they had a warm-up last weekend. It was heard as someone began to disperse the students in the corridor. The music is turned off. It became unusually quiet. Only the cries of drunken students are heard.

- It will be necessary then a revenge! And the girls will change. What do you think? - Stepan offered everyone and got out of bed.

- Do not be ashamed to lose two times? - with a laugh, Vitya answered him.

- We'll see! - threw a displeased look at Vitya Stepa and began to look for his clothes. - We must get out of here. He already dispersed all.

The people began to move slowly. But I did not particularly want to go anywhere. I wanted only in the shower and in a warm bed. By not many began to put themselves in order and dress. Clothes lay around the room. Vitya and Stepan are gone. I dressed with Yana passing each other clothes. Marina somehow pulled on her clothes. I didn't wear a bodice. So slightly shared our impressions of the game. They laughed, especially at the broken bed, above our moans.

We went out into the corridor. It turned out so cool. I already started and tried to wrap myself in my sweatshirt. We decided to go to Snezhana and thank her for the treat. They opened the door, and she sucked so sweetly to some guy. We are all frozen. He noticed us and shook his fist. We giggled and went to our room. Quickly went to the shower.

I was in my bed. The scenes of our pleasures so nicely spun before our eyes, the holes pleasantly reminded of themselves. But fatigue took its toll and I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

I hope you enjoyed my next story. I would be glad to suggestions, comments and comments.