Zhenya's mom — I called her Aunt Vika — was completely different from all the other moms I knew. She didn’t go around the house in a dressing gown, but in dresses and high heels, she always smelled of perfume, and her brown hair was dressed in a beautiful hairstyle. As I understand, that summer, when all this happened, she was 35 years old, and to me, at my 15, she seemed, of course, a little old, but still very attractive. Zhenka and I studied in different schools and met at a training in hand-to-hand combat, which we both engaged in. Aunt Vick invited me to visit them anytime. I lived not far away, and often went to Zhenka after classes, because I liked him much more than at home. Unlike me, he did not live with a bunch of relatives in a small "Khrushchovka", but in a real house - a two-story, fenced with a high fence, with its own garden, and in the courtyard he had a real pool! And in this huge house, Zhenka lived alone with his mother - his father died several years ago. It happened on one of the May days, shortly before the holidays. I came to my friend after school - we have not seen each other because of the exams for a week now. But only Aunt Vika was at home — she said that Zhenya had gone to his relatives for the whole summer. Zhenya's mom was sitting on a lounger by the pool and drank wine - there was an almost devastated beautiful bottle next to her. The woman was wearing only a miniature green swimsuit, and for the first time I noticed how big and beautiful breasts Aunt Vicki was. “If you want, you can take a dip in the pool,” Aunt Vick suggested to me, noticing how distressed I was. - Or maybe you want wine? - and she handed me a glass, splashing there, however, a red liquid with only two fingers. I realized that Aunt Vick was a little drunk - her eyes sparkled, her cheeks were pink. I drank wine and undressed, deciding to swim in the pool - the day was very hot. Under my pants I had swimming trunks, and I could easily swim, enjoying the cool water. Having sailed a lot, I left the pool and was stunned: Aunt Vika was still sitting in a lounge chair, but she was no longer wearing a swimsuit.

I could not believe my eyes - Eugene's mother was completely naked! As if nothing had happened, she smiled and handed me another glass of wine, filling it up to half. - Drink, and do not be embarrassed. I see you like me ... - and she nodded at my swimming trunks. My dick really got up at the sight of such a picture, and his head half crawled out of wet pants. Not knowing how to behave, I gulped down the wine, and from him I felt a little easier. I eagerly began to examine the naked female body, which I had seen so closely for the first time in my life. Zhenya’s mother’s breasts were not at all like the perfect tits of models in movies or magazines, she was not round, but oval in shape, very large, with large nipple halos. These nipples particularly impressed me - they were dark brown in color and stuck forward defiantly, as if inviting me to touch them with their tongue. I did not even dare to lower my gaze below, to its mezhnozhu. - Come closer, do not be afraid. I also like you, you are such a beautiful boy ... Feeling a bit drunk from wine, I walked over to Aunt Vika and grabbed her breasts with both hands. They were so elastic and tender to the touch that I almost did not finish. - Wait, do not hurry, how smart you are, - Aunt Vick smiled. Show me better while your friend. I hastily pulled off my swimming trunks, and my rearing member appeared before this woman in all its glory. - Give it to me here. Eugene's mom, still not getting up from the lounge chair, reached out, wrapped her fingers around my dick and squeezed it gently.

Then she began to move the skin on him, as I usually jerked myself, only it was much more pleasant. She launched her second hand between her legs and rubbed it violently there. Then suddenly she jumped up, knelt down, clasped my buttocks with her hands, and my cock plunged into her mouth. No sooner had she done a couple of sucking movements with her lips, as I finished, dropping her right in her mouth. And she swallowed my cum! I felt terribly awkward, I was ashamed. It was necessary to disgrace it! Aunt Vika again fell into a chaise lounge, she flushed and breathed heavily, traces of sperm were visible on her lips. Not knowing where to put my eyes from shame, I wanted to stretch my swimming trunks and leave, but Aunt Vika stopped me. “Hey, where are you going?” You and I just started, baby. Come here, I will teach you a couple of lessons. She moved up, inviting me to sit next to me. - You seem to want to touch my chest? You can do it. I obediently wrapped my arms around her chest again. “Squeeze them very carefully, especially your nipples,” Aunt Vika taught me.

They are very sensitive in women, you can easily hurt them. I gently, as she advised me, squeezed her nipples and felt how they harden. “Hand them down gently with your fingertips and twist a little,” Aunt Vick asked. I did as she told me, and she seemed to like it. The woman closed her eyes and moaned softly. “Well done, you're doing everything right,” she whispered. - Now suck them, but do not hurt your teeth. I clung to her big brown nipple with my lips and began to obediently suck. - Do not forget about the second nipple, caress him with your hand. And now kiss the second breast. So, good boy. - I diligently followed her instructions, and she quietly moaned and gently ruffled the hair on my head. Playing with her big tits was very nice, and soon I felt that my dick had become firm again. Aunt Vika opened her eyes and, noticing this, quite smiled. I hoped that she would again want to suck him, but instead she spread her legs and showed me on her vagina: - You probably have not seen a woman's pussy before? Come on, take a good look at her! I leaned over and began to examine her female organ, which until then had been a complete mystery to me. Her gap was hairless, pink labia, a little darker little, glittered mysteriously and attractively, and a little hole slightly lower was beckoning mysteriously to itself. I reached out and touched. At the touch of its crack was slightly cool, soft and wet. Zhenya's mother laid my hand on top of her hand and, taking my index finger, put it on a small pea of ​​flesh, explaining that it was a clitoris. She showed me how to move my fingers so that the woman was pleased. - And now lick me there tongue! If you learn to do this, all the girls in the class will be yours! Aunt Vika pulled my head closer to her groin, and I felt the pungent smell of her vagina, a little sour. I carefully licked her crack - it was also slightly acidic, covered with thick and sticky grease. I started licking that crack following Aunt Vicky’s instructions:

- More gently, more tender! Move your tongue as quickly as possible! And now a little up, do not forget about the clitoris! Oh, yes, so good! Yes! Still! Oh-oh-oh! ... Soon I chose the right pace, and then Aunt Wiki's teachings turned into sensual moans - at first quiet, but gradually they became louder and louder. Her sexual organ swelling under my lips more and more, the juices were growing, and her clitoris from a small pea turned into a large and hard knob. Her thighs trembled, she squeezed my head with her knees. - Wait, baby, I can no longer ... Come here ... Aunt Vick pulled me over, and I was lying on top of her. Her body was very hot, but despite this, she was trembling all over, as if from a strong cold. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly open. She hugged me, tightly pressed her hands, and wrapped her legs around my hips. My dick slid on her vagina, but for some reason I could not get to the right place. Then Aunt Vika stuck her hand down, groped my dick and gently helped me put it in the right place.

For the first time in my life I was in a woman, and it was ... It was great, what can I say. I moved in her, dying of happiness, as if my dick got to the very place where he always should have been. It was warm in this place, very crowded and very, very sweet ... Aunt Vika groaned loudly and hoarsely, pressing my hips into her legs with their legs crossed on my back, setting the right pace for them. - Yes, baby, even stronger! Oh, how good! Still! Alas, I finished too quickly again (and I would like it to last forever), but Aunt Vika also reached orgasm: I guessed it by how her face convulsively distorted and her entire body shook. She screamed very loudly and thinly, and then she fell silent. So we lay down for a while, and then I got off her tears. I was fine, but I didn’t know what to do next. Then Zhenkina's mother opened her eyes, smiled and said:

- Well, now you have become a man, congratulations. But you still have a lot to learn. Now you have to go, and tomorrow, if you want, come to me again ... Thus began my first, and frankly, the most amazing novel in my life. I visited Zhenkina's mother throughout the summer, usually 2-3 times a week. Soon, I stopped being ashamed of her and called her no longer Aunt Vika, but simply Vika. I do not know if she had other lovers other than me then, I just did not think about it. My parents thought that I went to visit Zhenya, not knowing that I was actually fucking his mom. But when autumn came, and my friend returned from vacation, I realized that I could not do this anymore: I was ashamed to communicate with Zhenka, and I had to somehow hide from him. And I just stopped going to that two-story house, with a beautiful garden and a big pool ...