For my thirtieth birthday, friends made me an unforgettable gift. They invited me to a private strip club. There we drank and looked at the gorgeous girls dancing in front of us. I thought that this was a gift, but suddenly they told me that I was in for a surprise in a closed part of the club. Of course, I thought it was a striptease in private chat, maybe with a sequel, but ... But I was escorted to the club basement and the door was closed behind me.

I was amazed. I was brought to the basement for BDSM games. Living alone, I often watch porn and for this I immediately knew where I was. The room was huge. The walls are made of old planks and bricks. Around were thick wooden columns of wood with plates of rusty iron. But, despite the fact that the room was old and not decorated, it looked very stylish and expensive.

But the most interesting was a completely different moment.

In the center of the room was absolutely naked girl. She was firmly tied to a huge stool. The stool was purposely not neatly welded from thick shiny metal. On top of it was a round leather seat. She was a little lower than her waist.

The girl was sitting on her hips, so that her butt erotically hung in the air. The hips were tied with a thick rope to the seat of the stool, and the ankles were tied to the legs. The elbows were drawn to the inside of the knees and the hands were connected. The eyes of the girl were tied with a black bandage. It turns out that she was sitting with a blindfold on a stool, strongly bent forward, bending her back and dangling her ass over the edge of the seat.

It looked very erotic. She had an amazing figure. Round until with buttocks divorced to the sides. Big breasts sandwiched between your hands. And disheveled blond hair.

At first I was confused, not knowing what to do - on the one hand I really wanted to approach her, on the other, it all smacked of some sort of divorce. But still, after examining the room and making sure that there are no security cameras in it, I approached the girl. Up close, she was still sexier. She did not move and did not make a single sound, but still, in the absolute silence of the basement, even her breath was heard.

I walked around her and looked at her ass. Since her legs were tied on different sides of a hefty stool, her buttocks were widely separated to the sides, revealing the view of her smoothly shaved pussy and slightly open anus.
I firmly took the girl by the buttock so that my fingers simultaneously touched her pussy and anal sex. The girl shuddered and made a faint moan. Her holes were wet and slippery, it was clearly felt that they were thoroughly smeared before my arrival. Then I gently penetrated with one finger into her pussy. Inside, she was very wet and hot. Her crack tightly clasped my finger and the girl quickly and loudly breathed. Then he began to enter the second finger in her anal. The finger slipped into it with ease. Realizing that one finger would not be enough, I shoved two fingers into each hole. Fingers entered without problems, but it was pretty tight. I became fast movements to fuck them anal and pussy girls. She began to moan louder and soon began to squeal. Then I decided it was time ...

I threw off his pants, and without unnecessary ceremonies, he inserted his long-standing cock member into her anal sex. She let out a pitiful groan. The priest shrank sharply, squeezing my cock hard inside me, but then she relaxed. For a few seconds I stopped and let my girlfriend get used to the size of my dick, then, firmly grasping her hips, I began to fuck her roughly. The member easily entered the slippery, tight hole until the very end, while the girl moaned loudly. Then I realized that I was going to finish.

Quickly pulling the member from the anal, I went to the girl in front and put the member in her mouth. Continuing to moan, the girl clasped his lips and began to suck, but I was ready to cum and grabbed her with both hands behind her head, squeezing her hard, fully inserting the penis into her throat. I felt like a member twitching inside her emitting cum. The girl began to wheeze choking on them, but I did not let her go. When I finished, I took the dick out of it and the girl began to recover in herself, eagerly gulping air.

I was not enough. Not every day, after all, there is an opportunity to have so much fun with such a sexy and completely unknown girl. For this, I put my cock in her mouth again. The girl immediately began to suck it deeply. From this, I was excited again and decided that it was time to fuck her again.

I approached her from behind and ran my hand over her pussy. She was all just running out of desire. Slightly bending my knees, I inserted a member into her pussy and firmly holding my hands on my hips began to fuck her roughly as I could. I was tearing it with such force that even this huge stool was sometimes lifted and hitting with iron legs on the concrete floor made loud ringing echoing all over the room.

Suddenly, the girl began to cum. Then I abruptly left her and in one motion drove my dick into her anal. The girl screamed. Buttocks began to sharply shrink and unclench. She was shaking all over. There was a feeling that now she would break the ropes. I continued to fuck her in the anal.

When the girl calmed down, I again inserted a member into her pussy and began to fuck more than ever. The girl finished two more times, after which I felt that I would finish now. In order not to do this into her, I entered her anal again and in order to prolong the pleasure I slowly began to enter it, sometimes making small pauses. But the excitement was already so strong that I did not last long anyway and with the maximum force I pressed the girl's ass to me and finished it.

Catching my breath, I got the ass out of the girl and put on my pants. In parting, I approvingly patted her on the buttock and went back to the club.

My friends were already drunk and greeted me with jokes like: “You never got stuck there - she is still alive there! etc.". I tried to make fun of them, but I was not up to it - I was closely watching the door hoping to see the very girl. Suddenly, a modest, unremarkable girl in jeans and a sweater came out of the basement and slipped into the back room. Not really her, I thought. How can such a modest-looking girl be so sexy, and even allow herself to do anything to herself. But most likely it was she, and I’m sure that I will never know about it